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How Sky turned the TV advertising business model on its head

The business objective

Build a new advertising platform that would multiply the value of existing inventory and attract new advertisers to TV by enabling house-hold level targeting.

The solution

A custom targeted ad platform that combines the brand-building power of TV with the data-driven precision of digital, delivered to millions of set-top boxes without any disruption to the service.

The outcome

Viewers are seeing ads that are actually relevant to them – and therefore more effective.

A Ford dealership saw a 100% rise in sales after their AdSmart campaign, while Audi found viewers targeted with its AdSmart campaign were twice as likely to buy a new car.

And it attracted a huge 70% of advertisers who had never advertised on TV or Sky before.

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How Vodafone Giga TV added OTT services to their existing infrastructure

The business objective

To provide Vodafone’s consumers access to a vast selection of channels and VOD offers via a next-generation cloud video service, on any device and at any time.

The solution

Synamedia Infinite Platform multi-screen experience supporting GigaTV OTT and GigaTV Cable-IP Hybrid Pay TV service tiers.

The outcome

GigaTV delivers a seamless viewing experience in and out of the home. Delight consumers with intuitive navigation, personalized content recommendations, voice control, and direct access to Netflix and Maxdome OTT programming.

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How SKY found the custom security solution for them

The business objective

Develop best-in-class video security solution to protect all advanced services in SkyQ offering including broadcast, streaming, and downloading of video to a range of screens.

The solution

VideoGuard Everywhere provides conditional access and digital rights management,  supplementing them with added layers of protections within a unified architecture that can be easily managed.

The outcome

SkyQ makes it easier for subscribers to access a wide range of entertainment (live, recorded, or on-demand) on the big screen. Watch up to five screens simultaneously while recording four other channels, pause on one screen and continue viewing on the others, and take recordings with you to watch on a tablet.

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How StingTV replaced their legacy systems without disruption to customers

The business objective

Introduce new forms of video service, enhance their customer experience, and gradually phase out their legacy system – all at the same time, and without any disruptions.

The solution

The Infinite Platform, a cloud-based, multi-screen experience with full time-shift TV capabilities.

The outcome

StingTV are now delivering Linear, VOD, Catchup TV service to AndroidTV and mobile devices. They’ve seen a drastic reduction in the time it takes to take new services to market, while controlling CAPEX.

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