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Beyond Broadcast: New approaches for localised digital advertising

Danilo Almeida

By Danilo Almeida

SaaS Solutions Engineer at Synamedia 

Beyond Broadcast: New approaches for localised digital advertising

Since the advent of Broadcast TV, a premium has been put on the programs able to attract the largest live audiences. A combination of a compelling matchup between the Chiefs and the 49ers, a highly anticipated halftime concert from music icon Usher, and swarms of dedicated Swifties resulted in Super Bowl LVIII being the largest audience for a single network telecast ever, topping 123 million U.S. viewers.
However, Super Bowl Sunday only happens once a year, and while it was undoubtedly an advertising bonanza for CBS, most of the year broadcasters must fill their inventory within more mundane content. In fact, the only non-sports show to reach 100 million viewers was the final episode of M*A*S*H in 1983. Of course, this was when there were only 3 primary networks, limited cable and satellite offerings, and absolutely no streaming services.

Reaching the right audiences

In today’s world, everyone is getting their video entertainment from a variety of sources, and the emphasis has moved from reaching mass audiences to targeting groups that are more likely to engage and recall the ads they see. Addressable ads have shown to get 20% more active attention and improve recall by 10%.
But for broadcasters, achieving a granular segmentation can be challenging with their existing delivery infrastructure, as addressable solutions typically assume interaction with the end client, which might be outside their control and visibility.

Leveraging the cloud to introduce addressable

Instead of relying solely on constrained satellite bandwidth for primary distribution, many broadcasters are moving to a cloud approach to delivering content. This opens the door for cloud-delivered ads as well, enabling every IP-connected receiver to become an addressable endpoint, without the need to dedicate significant bandwidth. Targeted ads can be delivered for seamless splicing, and even transcoded locally if necessary.

Working with partners to enable targeting

Broadcasters can also work with their distribution partners to enable addressability on their streaming services while still maintaining control over their inventory. Implementing an ad routing mechanism can ensure that ad requests are sent to the appropriate inventory owner for cloud-delivered targeted ads to be stitched into an individual viewing session. Technology such as tracking beacons and tags can ensure that targeting information and reporting is accessible and transparent.

Opening up programmatic demand

Getting access to these connected devices, whether we’re talking about an iPhone on the go, a Smart TV in a home, or a receiver in a headend, also opens up the possibility to supplement your direct-sold campaigns with programmatic demand.
Programmatic demand can be used for long-tail inventory, generating additional revenue for spots which might have previously gone unsold or filled with promos.
This can significantly broaden your potential buyers to anyone advertising in the CTV marketplace, many of whom may not have the upfront scale for traditional TV deals.

Synamedia Iris: A Unified Platform for All Screens and Campaigns

Maximizing your advertising potential might require different approaches that account for your different services, use cases, and limitations. However, managing that complexity requires a holistic approach and a platform that can get you there.
Synamedia Iris was not only designed to support both broadcast and streaming services, but also direct-sold and programmatic deals, all in a single platform that brings all your campaigns together. With Synamedia Iris, you get consistent execution and reporting, so you can optimize yield and reduce waste.
If you’re interested in hearing more about how Synamedia Iris can help you to get started on regional targeting, ad routing, or programmatic, please contact us here.

About the Author

Danilo Almeida is a SaaS solutions engineer at Synamedia, who has graduated in Information Systems by FIAP, with a specialisation in Operations Management from POLI-USP and Innovation/Digital Transformation from FIAP. He has worked for more than 20 years in the technology industry and 12 years in the streaming and digital TV business. Danilo is an industry speaker on technology, ad-tech, data analytics, broadcast, streaming and combating piracy in the audiovisual business. On occasions, he is also a guitar player and barbecue enthusiast. 

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