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Our smart business insights and advanced advertising create more personalised and memorable experiences, whilst our agile model helps operators and streamers grow at speed.

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Why choose Synamedia?

SYN0002_Icons_64x64px_v2_Home_Open scalable streaming solutions

Open scalable streaming solutions

With our innovative cloud-based solutions you start as small as you want and grow as big as you can.

SYN0002_Icons_64x64px__Home_Collaborative and transparent

Collaborative and transparent

Some of the biggest content streamers in the world trust us implicitly due to our open, collaborative approach.


Fighting piracy for 30+ years

With 30 years+ experience in anti-piracy we’re proud to have the longest unhacked record of all platform providers.

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Continually Awarded Products

We have been recognized numerous times by the industry for the innovative and trusted products we offer to our clients.

Watch how we can help you connect a bigger audience

Synamedia. Trusted by leaders.

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Cut costs of long-tail channels with Just-In-Time streaming technology
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Cut costs of long-tail channels with Just-In-Time streaming technology

Long tail channels, with their specialized content and smaller, more targeted audiences, can be expensive for service providers to deliver efficiently. However, with the right technology and approach, providers can cut costs while still delivering a high-quality viewing experience. Just-in-time streaming technology is one such approach, allowing providers to reduce storage and delivery costs by only streaming content when it is actually being watched.

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AWS provides flexibility, scale, and security for Synamedia Clarissa
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AWS provides flexibility, scale, and security for Synamedia Clarissa

Cloud Software-as-a-Service tools are increasingly becoming the go-to choice for the operations of mission-critical business functions. Yet, on the surface, most public clouds look the same, offering globally available storage and compute services that connect users with essential tools.  However, for SaaS providers, selecting the right cloud is fundamental to unleashing the full potential of […]

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