Video Streaming Analytics Platform

Our video streaming analytics platform allows you to harness the power of your data and discover game-changing insights to improve subscriber retention.

What are the benefits of our
video streaming analytics platform?

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Rely on a single source of truth

Unify multiple data sources into a GDPR-compliant data warehouse that delivers cross-platform streaming insights tailored for your video business.

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Understand your users

Gain insights across the full user experience from content discovery to viewing behaviour and engagement-impacting disruptions.

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Make smarter business decisions

Leverage user insights to drive impact across your business from back-office operations to new customer acquisition.

Why should you choose Synamedia Clarissa?

Utilise audience data through our video streaming analytics solutions to unlock transformative business insights that increase the value of your business.

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App Insights

Not all users are alike, so why is their user experience the same? Make content discovery effective through a better understanding of navigation journeys, app interfaces, and feature usage.

Audience Insights

As households fragment their viewing across multiple devices and content viewing patterns, personalisation matters today more than ever. Identify and profile audience segments to provide users with a more personalised experience – from the right content and UI to optimised targeted advertising and marketing campaigns.

Content Insights

This is the golden age of content, getting eyeballs to screens has never been easier, but the right content is more important than having the most content. Maximise your content investment by understanding what, where, when, and how your users are watching.

Operational Insights

Even with the best content line-up and award-winning UI, quality issues can let your users down. Deliver premium quality viewing experiences with insights into system performance and service availability.

Bringing video and cloud expertise together for data-driven insights

Our customers not only entrust us with their valuable and sensitive data, but also rely on us to deliver transformational insights that drive their business outcomes.  By combining the benefits of Synamedia Clarissa with the flexibility, scale, and security of AWS, our customers can take full advantage of their video data to get reliable, actionable insights that help them increase revenue, reduce churn, and lower costs.

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Supporting your success

We won’t rest until you’re benefiting as much as possible from all that Clarissa offers. After all, our mission is your success. Whether you need help getting started, with deployment and optimisation, or specific tasks relating to your business, our expert 360° Support teams will resolve your request as quickly as possible.

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