Metadata Aggregation Solution

Grow your business with our AI-driven metadata aggregation framework. Our cutting-edge platform simplifies video content discovery, to maximise revenue potential.

What are the key benefits of our
metadata aggregation solution?

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Futureproof your strategy

Integrate once and add more streaming services without deployment or code changes in your front-end or back-end.

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Fast track your implementation

Add multiple OTT services in weeks, with our powerful AI-powered metadata platform and our pre-integrated feeds and partners.

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Go beyond video aggregation

Open your viewers to a 360° entertainment experience with content from video, TV, music, podcasts, reviews, games and more.

Deliver a content-first experience

Unlock your  streaming platform’s potential with an aggregated content experience that enables viewers to find all their favourite content in one place, plus personalised recommendations and the ability to discover new movies and shows. Stand out from the competition and keep viewers engaged.

Supercharge your metadata

Let your viewers discover the content they love faster and easier with our AI-enriched catalogue. All your sources in one place, enriched with powerful metadata aggregation to simplify their search and unlock new possibilities.

Reduce time to content

With our streaming content aggregation engine, viewers discover entertainment faster and easier. They quickly open content sources with seamless deeplinks and enjoy their favourite entertainment in one place.

Reimagine content curation

Cross-service swim lanes shine a new light on all the content available to your viewers. With powerful and deep content metadata, editorial curation is augmented and becomes truly scalable.

Fully managed metadata pipelines

Combine multiple metadata providers together with external data sources and create a clean unified dataset to ingest into your platform ready to power your next generation content experiences.

Time to start your metadata aggregation journey

With 8 years of experience building consumer facing aggregation products, our aggregation experts will help you define your best course of action and determine if a product like Go.Aggregate is a good fit for your company.

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