Password Sharing Insights

Convert password sharers and borrowers to paying subscribers, driving subscriber growth and increasing revenue.

What are the key benefits of CSFEye?


Increase subscriber

Your next wave of new subscribers are already loyal users of your service. Unlock untapped monetisation opportunities by accurately targeting and converting account sharers using CSFEye’s password sharing insights.

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Accurate identification of password sharing

With our fine-tuned algorithms, you can effectively identify and rank accounts displaying sharing behaviour. Courtesy of our fine-tuned algorithms, you’re able to effectively identify accounts sharing passwords

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Advanced behavioural analysis

With years of behavioural analysis and machine learning-powered insights, you can implement targeted actions with confidence.

Why should you choose CSFEye?

First to the market, our password sharing insights solution enables video streaming services to ingest data and analyse how accounts are being used.

Our awards:

Identify sharing activity

Apply proven behavioural analysis algorithms to quantify sharing behaviour, assess the impact of password sharing, and quantify the potential benefits of taking action.

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Dashboard reports for deeper insights

Gain rapid, highly granular insights into subscriber behaviour and use CSFEye’s intuitive dashboards to build an action plan.

Convert sharers into paying subscribers

Target and personalise your responses to grow your subscriber base, to turn password sharing into a growth opportunity.

Calculate the impact of action

Utilise CSFEye’s built-in ROI calculator to immediately quantify the level to which password sharing is impacting your business and the potential revenue opportunities associated with taking action.

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We won’t rest until you’re benefiting as much as possible from all that CSFEye offers your business. After all, our mission is your success. Whether you need help getting started, with deployment and optimisation, or specific tasks relating to your business, our expert 360° Support teams will resolve your request as quickly as possible.

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