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Synamedia reshapes the future of streaming innovation at NAB 2024  

Synamedia reshapes the future of streaming innovation at NAB 2024  

Latest advancements pave the way for accelerated revenues and cost-savings for content owners and video service providers 

LAS VEGAS (NAB Booth W2801) April 12, 2024 – Leading video software provider Synamedia today announced the game-changing technologies on display in its Innovation Hub at 2024 NAB Show. Each strategically designed to boost revenues for content owners and video service providers, these solutions will power the future of intelligent streaming and value-added viewing experiences, while lowering the cost of delivery and distribution.  

“Our Innovation Hub comprises solutions and prototypes built to enable our customers to make money and save money,” said Marc Baillavoine, CTO of Video Network, Synamedia. “Our innovation is not limited to technology; we’re innovating for business impact too because we know video providers need both to stay ahead. We are relentless in our mission to give them a competitive edge – from ideating new ways to solve business challenges to contributing to global standards that reshape the future of video delivery. At NAB, these initiatives will be front and center.”   

Improving Video Delivery 

In its NAB booth, Synamedia will be the first in the industry to showcase a multi-CDN steering system based on HLS and DASH specifications. It gives providers control over their delivery and allows them to switch between multiple CDNs for uninterrupted viewing experiences. Synamedia’s engineers have contributed to global standards for content steering systems, specifically improving signaling to CDNs to anticipate traffic balancing needs.  

Another first in Synamedia’s Innovation Hub will be its demonstration of a new way for video service providers to report QoE in real-time to every tenant by integrating the Common Media Client Data (CMCD) standard into the new open caching logging interface of its Fluid EdgeCDN.   

Synamedia will also showcase betting at ultra-low latency without compromising content protection. This includes a collaboration with castLabs to demonstrate DRM for secure real-time streaming – ideally suited for applications like betting. This breakthrough is the result of Synamedia’s contributions to the global effort to implement fully protected, latency-tailored delivery solutions.

Lowering delivery costs while maximizing the Quality of Experience 

Leveraging the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Synamedia will unveil its latest generation of video codecs that substantially reduce CDN costs while improving viewing experiences. These new advancements redefine efficiency, significantly lower bandwidth requirements, and optimize image quality. This is achieved with any codec – from Versatile Video Coding (VVC) to Advanced Video Coding (AVC) – resulting in up to 30% efficiency gains through quality-controlled video compression, adaptive rendition ladders, and dynamic CPU allocation. Each of these improvements uses Synamedia’s unique predicted Video Multimethod Assessment Function (pVMAF). 

Automating and simplifying content delivery  

Designed to automate and simplify transactions between content owners and affiliates, Synamedia’s Content Hub introduces the next generation of smart contracts. This B2B marketplace will be a destination where content owners publish live streams and B2B affiliates subscribe to them.  This innovative approach offers a quick, easy and secure process for distributing live streams, setting a new standard for efficiency and security.   

The business of selling streams to affiliates has traditionally been complex and cumbersome. Synamedia’s Content Hub will simplify the process while opening doors to previously untouched revenues. For example, sports content owners typically prioritize selling streams for tier one events because lower tier events require too much time and have a lower return on investment. This new marketplace automates the sales of streams in all tiers, based on the provider’s preset parameters, putting them in control of who has access and offering increased revenue with less time commitment.   

Press and analysts interested in meetings and demos at NAB should contact [email protected]. Other attendees can secure a demo here. 


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