Impress your viewers with a more immersive and personalised experience, discover new business insights with your data, and unlock new revenue streams through advanced advertising

Why partner with Synamedia?


Strengthen viewer loyalty

Deliver engaging, personalised viewing experiences with aggregated content discovery across any screen.

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Unlock additional revenue

Extend your reach with new advertising propositions that leverage installed devices and attract new advertisers. 


Reduce subscriber churn

Leverage data insights to make smarter business decisions that attract new customers and reduce churn.

Synamedia Iris

Synamedia Iris unifies your addressable advertising business across both broadcast and streaming, increasing the value of your existing inventory and generating new revenue across all services, networks, and screens.

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Synamedia Clarissa

Synamedia Clarissa harnesses the power of your data through game-changing insights that provide clarity on everything: from optimising content acquisition to improving subscriber retention, leading to increased revenue.

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Synamedia Go

Synamedia Go is an open, flexible, modular video platform that increases your agility, differentiates your streaming service, and simplifies OTT service management.

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Synamedia Go.Aggregate

Using an AI-driven metadata aggregation framework, our cutting-edge platform simplifies content discovery across platforms and maximises your revenue potential.

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Synamedia Go.Enrich

Maximise the depth, originality, and quality of your metadata to enhance your video service’s user experience.

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Synamedia Go.Recommend

Today’s mixing of linear and on-demand content has accelerated changes in individual consumption patterns and behaviours. Our nuanced approach offers an effective solution to respond to that challenge and help you thrive in today’s video landscape.

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Synamedia Gravity

Improve the overall broadband for your SMB subscribers so they can focus on their business.  Gravity gives your subscribers a fully integrated broadband solution to manage their email and domain, office SD-WAN, firewall, remote office access, all with self-install and zero touch provisioning for employee devices.

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