Tackle the twin threats of piracy and sharing with an innovative suite of solutions to help you detect and disrupt piracy and drive subscribers back to your services.

Why partner with Synamedia?

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Understand your threat level

Locate, monitor and analyse pirate sources and new players to understand the extent of your threat.

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Protect your revenue

Detect leakage sources with robust, cost-efficient, studio-compliant forensic watermarking to protect your content investment.   

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Increase subscriber revenue

Reduce credentials sharing. Accurately identify accounts that are sharing credentials and convert them to paying subscribers. 


Credentials Sharing and Fraud Insights. Reduce the revenue loss, infrastructure abuse and business risk caused by credentials sharing and fraud activities, and convert sharers to paying subscribers.

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ContentArmor Watermarking

Forensic head-end watermarking to detect and identify malicious users, protecting content investments and preventing video piracy.

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