CBC/Radio Canada’s pioneering upgrade

15 Jul 2022

How CBC/Radio Canada Transitioned from SDI to IP-based Infrastructure while Pioneering Upgrade to SMPTE 2110 Standard

Business Objective
  • To transition from SDI to IP-based infrastructure amid relocation to CBC’s new broadcast center.
  • To become one of the first North American broadcasters to upgrade to SMPTE 2110 suite of standards.

End-to-end solution featuring encoding/transcoding, multiplexing, receiving, and monitoring and network management via:

  • Virtualized Digital Content Manager (vDCM)
  • Video Network Service Manager (VSM) management solution
  • PowerVu Professional Receiver
  • Transitions to a software-based solution with redundancy in parallel with CBC data center relocation
  • Leads the way in upgrading to latest SMPTE 2110 standard with no quality downgrade
  • Harnesses robust state-of-the-art technology accompanied by exceptional customer service
  • Deepens Synamedia-CBC professional relationships at engineering/product management/sales levels to provide customer with greater, long-term value