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Video Distribution

Transition gracefully to All-IP distribution and supply your content to affiliates and virtual MVPDs anywhere in the world, securely and reliably.

Key benefits


Smooth transition to IP delivery

Move seamlessly from satellite to all-IP delivery. Phase migration from on-premises to public/private cloud environments to scale flexibly and optimise costs.


Best in class product

Protect your revenue stream, ensure reliable transport across myriad IP scenarios, guarantee pristine video quality and monetise quickly to generate more value.

SYN0002_Icons_64x64px_Harness Cloud Power

Harness cloud power

Supercharge your capability with instant availability globally while eliminating upfront costs. Scale to pay-only as you grow and deploy disaster recovery options to maintain flexibility.

Quortex SaaS Solutions

Quortex PowerVu

Quortex PowerVu full-service SaaS enables broadcasters and content providers to securely distribute content to affiliate endpoints and deliver best-in-class viewing experiences, with premium picture quality and bandwidth efficiency.

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One-Click Cloud Distribution.
Securely and reliably deliver your live content to your partners in point-to-point, or point-to-multi-point, from and to all around the world. Controlling your content delivery has never been simpler!

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Media Edge Gateway mini - MEG.mini

Streamline distribution, cut costs, and accelerate time-to-market with this flexible, subscription-based small form-factor endpoint.
MEG.mini is powered by Synamedia’s Media Edge Gateway software stack, offering rich edge processing, cloud-to-ground connectivity, and seamless monitoring and management, while reducing upfront investments and adapting to evolving demands.

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Solid Software Products

Media Edge Gateway

Media Edge Gateway

A comprehensive edge reception and processing platform giving you control over every processing function – from secure reception to transcoding and decoding, with grooming/multiplexing capabilities and IP transport.

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PowerVu Professional Receiver

PowerVu Professional Receiver

A versatile solution designed to support high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) over satellite and IP content distribution networks. This future-proof receiver is ideal for the upcoming network expansion plans of content providers.

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PowerVu Compact Receiver

PowerVu Compact Receiver

A cost-effective versatile reception solution. The Compact Receiver is designed for satellite content distribution, targetting the broadcast, business TV, private networks, and SMATV environment.

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When flexible delivery is key

Why choose between satellite and terrestrial distribution when you can do both?

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Timing is everything. And nothing’s more critical than ensuring the smooth optimal performance of your video delivery operations. Our dedicated video distribution support teams are with you right from the start, ready to walk with you every step of the way, resolving your requests with the utmost urgency. When it comes to support, our goal is to ensure nothing holds you back.

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