Forensic Watermarking Solutions

ContentArmor is a forensic watermarking software solution that protects content investments, identifies malicious users and prevents piracy.

Key Benefits of our forensic watermarking solution



Identify leaking accounts and protect your content against piracy.


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Content aware forensic watermarking, technology with perfect fidelity and market leading robustness against video manipulation.

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Reduce deployment costs with unique bitstream watermarking of compressed content.

Protect premium VOD & live sports content

Safeguard your content investments in premium entertainment and live sports by quickly identifying leaks and taking action to disrupt pirate streams.

Deter pre-release piracy

Identify malicious users illegally sharing your dailies, localised pre-release versions, and screeners.

Identify leaking B2B distribution partners

Discover which platforms have been compromised and where to focus your anti-piracy efforts with your affiliates and business partners.

Detect music piracy

Incorporate audio watermarks in your music to protect exclusive tracks and pinpoint the source of piracy to take remedial actions. 

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