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Virtualised Cable Access

Maintain separation between high-speed data and QAM-based video networks.

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Key benefits

SYN0002_Icons_64x64px_Comprehensive solution_02

Comprehensive solution

Manage and provision DAA nodes with standards-compliant Aux Video Core Controller.

SYN0002_Icons_64x64px_Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

Integrate easily with existing video controllers and session resource managers thanks to a complete set of APIs.

SYN0002_Icons_64x64px_Extremely reliable

Extremely reliable

Guarantee the maximum uptime of the Aux Video Core with built-in high availability.

Aux Video Core

Software-based solution that consists of an Aux Video Core Controller and Traffic Engines. The high-performance and scalable controller takes care of Distributed Access Architecture node management and the provisioning of pseudowires on the traffic engine.

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Our Mission. Your Success.

Timing is everything. And nothing’s more critical than ensuring the smooth optimal performance of your video delivery operations. Our dedicated Virtualised Cable Access support teams are with you right from the start, ready to walk with you every step of the way, resolving your requests with the utmost urgency. When it comes to support, our goal is to ensure nothing holds you back.

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