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Become an SMB market leader with Synamedia Gravity

With Synamedia Gravity, you can create and deliver Small and Medium Business services and feature bundles that differentiate your brand, drive revenues and grow your market share.

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Going beyond speed to win new SMB customers

Operators used to win or lose SMB contracts based on broadband speed. But today things are changing. With +1G speeds now ubiquitous, you need a new way to differentiate your offer.

The services opportunity

The big opportunity lies in value-added broadband services. SMB subscribers want the ability to take greater control over their networks and use the internet in new ways. Wi-Fi mesh, advanced routing, device security, self-service network planning, diagnostics, and fault-fixing – each of these services can help SMBs change the way they work for the better.

Synamedia Gravity

Gravity helps you seize this opportunity. It’s a suite of tools that allows you to build solutions on top of your existing broadband hardware. This means you can bundle new value-added services with core connectivity to create a more compelling package for your SMB market.

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The top benefits for your business

  • Service differentiation – and a new competitive edge

    Offer your SMB subscribers a range of value-added services quickly and cost-effectively. And thanks to Gravity’s single API, you can integrate new services for your SMB subscribers – helping you win new business, minimize churn, and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

  • New revenue streams

    New bundles means new revenue opportunities. For example, SMB subscribers may opt for device security and advanced routing alongside their basic connectivity service, with billing managed seamlessly through the Gravity platform.

  • Healthier SMB margins

    Deliver enterprise-class features for your SMB subscribers with no need for expensive infrastructure. This helps you to differentiate your services at the lowest possible cost, as well as ensuring that you can maximize your margins from SMB services.

  • Low-touch delivery

    A huge range of data, voice, and device management services can be integrated and delivered via Gravity which helps you meet SMB subscribers’ requests quickly and simply, with very little manual effort for your teams.

  • Optimized device (and lifecycle) management

    Track and manage the performance and status of every SME CPE device – including broadband switches, routers, and video set top boxes – across your SMB subscriber estate to optimize planning, logistics, and lifecycle management overall.

  • Excellent customer experiences

    Analyze the performance of your SMB subscribers’ services in real time and identify any issues with devices that are impacting performance. This ensures that you can troubleshoot effectively and address SMB subscribers’ support requests at the first point of contact.

What’s in it for your SMB subscribers?

Failsafe business continuity

Your SMB subscribers can create and configure separate networks for their employees and customers. Equally they can prioritize mission-critical traffic for constant availability and great performance.

Fast, easy, cost-effective access to new features and services

From advanced routing to telephony, with no need to invest time and effort to manually integrate, deploy, manage, and support features, apps, or services from multiple providers.

Advanced device security

Security is hardwired into the services which protects network devices against hacking and other security breaches and streamlines compliance with the GDPR and other data protection regulations.

Strong, even Wi-Fi coverage

Wi-Fi Mesh ensures that network coverage is strong and even across the entire SMB subscriber site or sites – from the lobby to the CEO’s office.

Total ‘self-serve’ control over network operations

Our mobile app gives SMB subscribers a range of ‘self-serve’ network configuration and troubleshooting tools. These allow administrators to see and manage the status, performance, and load of each device across their network.

The building blocks of Synamedia Gravity

  • Stack Agnostic

    We leverage open source-software platforms to integrate your CPE hardware with pre-integrated 3rd party and Synamedia applications (SVOD, Security, Self-Care)

  • Subscriber Self Service

    This is the portal through which SMB subscriber end users can manage and control their network. They can track users, identify and address security issues and add devices to their network.

  • Advanced Wi-Fi & Security

    Give your users granular insight and control over how Wi-Fi is used. They can track usage, manage screen time, test performance and more.

  • Service Provider Manageability

    This is your view into your customer’s network. Diagnose problems to boost first contact resolution, manage devices and add new services rapidly thanks to zero-touch activation.

  • Services Gateway

    This is the bridge that connects your back office stack with our Gravity solutions.

Start delivering enterprise-class features for your SMB subscribers today

Start delivering differentiated, enterprise-class services and features for your SMB subscribers today. And take your share of the fast-growing SMB market.

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