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Outsmart the latest OTT piracy techniques

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Your service has never been so easily prone to theft. Today’s video piracy is industrialized to a point where pirates are developing tools to hack your OTT service directly.

By running commonly available scripts, pirates hack your OTT service communication protocol to strip your DRM, bypass concurrency controls and trick your backend into servicing thousands of illegitimate viewers using your infrastructure. And guess who’s paying for it?

These new techniques allow pirates to stream directly from your CDN into their closed IPTV subscription services and collect monthly fee while you pay for infrastructure costs.

Furthermore, pirates gain content that has no additional latency. They can obtain the audio and subtitle tracks that are unique to your service and bypass the client watermarking that would otherwise help you track the original theft.

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A new way of protecting your OTT content and infrastructure

The only way to prevent pirates from hacking your service is to cover all bases by following these steps:

  • Ensure only authorized clients can access your backend
  • Secure your authorisation tokens to prevent service-level hacking
  • Thwart attempts to bypass your concurrency limitations
  • Prevent access by hacked/jailbroken devices and tampered applications
  • Protect your CDN against unauthorized direct access to your content

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What is Synamedia OTT ServiceGuard?

Synamedia OTT ServiceGuard is the only solution that strengthens your communication protocol against the vulnerabilities that pirates exploit to steal your OTT video service and premium content.

It protects all types of OTT services — from Pay TV Operators and Broadcasters to Direct-to-Consumer services — and integrates seamlessly with any OTT platform and client application.

Critically, OTT ServiceGuard hardens your system to address common vulnerabilities across your environment, including your service authorization system, concurrency management system, and CDN workflows.

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Comprehensive piracy protection

Synamedia OTT ServiceGuard protects your content and infrastructure based on a number of key capabilities:

  • Protection of authorization tokens
    which prevents pirates from duplicating tokens to access content illegally
  • Strengthening of concurrency mechanisms
    which means platforms can no longer be ‘tricked’ to allow unlimited streams to be played concurrently from a single account
  • End-to-end protection for premium and exclusive content
    which uses access control rules to prevent streaming to ‘jail-broken’ devices
  • Protection of CDN access tokens
    which stops pirates from duplicating tokens to access your content directly from the CDN

The three top benefits of Synamedia OTT ServiceGuard

  • Protect your investment in premium content

    By stopping pirates from emulating legitimate subscribers and ensuring that your premium content is only ever watched by paying subscribers.

  • Reduce your operating costs

    By preventing illegitimate users from using your infrastructure and from stealing bandwidth: resources that can then be used to service more paying subscribers.

  • Protect all of your platforms and devices

    With a single solution that easily integrates with your app and service.

Tackle piracy head on to protect your content, platforms, and revenues.

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