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Video Security

Proactively protect your video — everywhere

To tackle hyper-distributed piracy, you need continuously evolving video security that’s built for the age of Infinite Entertainment.

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The right solution will be unique to your business.

But some principles are paramount when it comes to video security.

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    Secure every kind of video service

    To protect your content today, you need solutions that work across DTH STBs, OTT streaming and downloading, and every hybrid distribution method in between.

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    Take a multi-layered approach

    Conditional access and multi-DRM are essential. But you also need measures like STB hardening and mobile root detection – to name a few.

  • Find and disrupt pirate redistribution

    Identify and go after the source of the problem using forensic watermarking, proprietary verification mechanisms and our teams in the field.

  • Tackle mass credentials sharing with intelligence

    Use behavioral analytics and insight teams to assign risk scores to suspicious accounts and collect incremental revenue from families and friends.

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    Work with in-field Operational Security experts

    If you’re going to stay ahead of the pirates, you need to think like they do, know how they work and move even faster than they will.

How SKY found the custom security solution for them

See how we protect their customer experience across all services and screens using a multi-layered approach with conditional access, digital rights management and additional security enhancements.

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Our solutions are embedded into our platforms, or available as individual point-solutions.

To detect and disrupt piracy

To protect your service and content

It’s never been harder to identify and disrupt pirates and hackers around the world.

Their tactics keep evolving. But so do ours.

A Guide to Addressing Streaming Video Credentials Sharing the Smart Way

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Holistic Security Threats and Solutions for OTT Providers

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Let's talk about what your business needs to proactively enforce its rights.

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