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Live, VOD & CDVR Delivery

Live, VOD & CDVR Delivery

Gain Visibility and Control Over Your Video Delivery

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Video delivery methods for targeting large audiences may vary. But all network operators – from pay TV to Internet streaming providers – are equally focused on providing consumers with a broadcast quality experience.

To achieve this, you need a high-performance platform that optimizes localization of your content and isolates network issues in real time to deliver high throughput with low latency. That’s why you need Synamedia’s EDGE Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Our solution

Synamedia’s EDGE CDN is a distributed system enabling you to deliver immersive multiscreen video experiences to managed and unmanaged devices across telco, cable and mobile access networks. Flexible and robust, EDGE CDN allows you to scale from a few thousand streams to multi-million-user streaming events, while giving you full visibility and control over video streaming delivery.

The outcome

Supporting multiple services, including VOD, low latency live, TSTV, cloud DVR streaming, and secure download, EDGE CDN is a reliable, high-performance solution.

EDGE CDN supports both retail and wholesale models so that you can deliver your own streaming service or monetize the delivery of third-party OTT streaming. Providing a full-service suite and seamless integration with Synamedia’s comprehensive video network portfolio, EDGE CDN gives you market-leading capabilities for streaming delivery.


  • Maintain visibility and control over video delivery

    • Leverage real-time, high-performance management, monitoring, alerts and analytics to improve traffic, operational efficiency and user experience
    • Execute unicast-multicast switching to enforce channel policy and seamlessly scale to large audiences
    • Use predefined standard graphs and report metrics, or customize them, to gain deep insights and rapidly troubleshoot
  • Harness flexible offering across small-to-large topologies

    • Take advantage of scalability to ensure outstanding performance for mass audiences
    • Handle all major adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming formats across unicast and multicast to provide high-quality video
    • Support chunked transfer encoding (CTE) to deliver low latency, broadcast TV-like quality experiences
  • Leverage Synamedia service expertise

    • Choose from self- to fully-operated service to maintain the right level of operational flexibility
    • Opt for build-operate-transfer (BOT) model to gracefully ramp into future in-house operations
    • Take advantage of expert care services to receive ongoing, focused assistance


Our software-centric products are designed to get the task done. They are easy to use and built for maximum performance and reliability.

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