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Converged Headend

Converge streaming and broadcast processing workflows


In order to reach all screens, content and service providers often need to deliver their streaming and broadcast content through a combination of satellite, cable and terrestrial transport networks.

Until now, the only way you could do that was by deploying multi-siloed processing workflows, which are not only hard to manage and scale, but also expensive to operate. A single software solution that converges your streaming and broadcasting content would be ideal.

And that’s what you get with Synamedia’s Converged Headend..

Our solution

Synamedia’s Converged Headend is a software solution that brings your media processing functions under one umbrella. The industry’s only full-stack solution for unified management and orchestration, Synamedia’s Converged Headend offers a single interface for integrating with any system supporting a variety of broadcast and OTT workflows.

The outcome

Synamedia’s Converged Headend is a cloud-agnostic solution allowing you to manage, host and maintain all processing functions in your private data center, in a public/private cloud, or in a hybrid configuration.

Offering flexible deployment and business models, the fully automated solution slashes your channel time to launch from weeks to minutes so you can monetize quickly and boost value.


  • Unify broadcast and OTT headend workflows

    • Leverage a single platform to transport your streams over IPTV, cable, satellite, DTT and Internet networks
    • Centralize all media processing workflows to deliver any content to any screen
    • Deploy an industry-only full-stack unified management and orchestration solution to meet your SLAs
  • Operate with complete confidence

    • Offer high availability (HA) for any channel to enhance your subscribers’ experience
    • Provide seamless failover and flexible redundancy schemes to overcome operational outages
    • Combine with smart deployment to ensure reliable cloud operations
  • Monetize quickly and create greater value

    • Fully automate your processing to reduce channel time to launch
    • Utilize VIVID Compression technology with Smart Rate Control to increase bandwidth savings and video quality
    • Consolidate all processing functions to optimize your storage costs
  • Fully leverage the power of the cloud

    • Run workflows either on-premises or on cloud infrastructure to ensure smart, cost-optimal deployments
    • Harness Kubernetes support to leverage user-friendly deployment environments


Our software-centric products are designed to get the task done. They are easy to use and built for maximum performance and reliability.

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