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vDCM Scrambler

Feature-Rich, High-Performance Multiplexer and Transport Gateway.

Protect Your Revenue Over Primary Distribution and Pay TV Services

Synamedia’s vDCM Scrambler is a converged, pure software solution that protects media content over primary distribution and broadcast transmissions across any network. A comprehensive, high-performance and flexible solution, vDCM Scrambler optimises your operational efficiency and secures your revenue.

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  • Offer the broadest encryption coverage

    • Supports largest set of encryption algorithms to protect primary distribution links or high-value pay TV assets
    • Seamlessly works with over 20 CAS to handle multiple vendors in a single service
    • Utilizes embedded ECMG to integrate plug-and-play PowerKey solution
  • Optimise your operational efficiency and flexibility

    • Leverages multiple deployment options to drive business agility
    • Takes advantage of flexible licencing model to easily scale processing capacity and extend your feature set
    • Utilises intuitive GUI to configure DVB SimulCrypt EMMG, ECMG and EIS
      interfaces and add new services
  • Secure and optimize your revenue

    • Offers various resiliency mechanisms, including control word synchronization and load balancing, to ensure business continuity
    • Deploys holistic security approach, continuous updates, and system
      hardening to meet highest content owner

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