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vDCM Multiplexer

Feature-Rich, High-Performance Multiplexer and Transport Gateway.

Increase Throughput to Enhance Your Operations and Cost-Efficiency

Synamedia’s vDCM Multiplexer is a comprehensive, high-performance stream processing platform. Serving as either an initial multiplexer, remultiplexer or central stream processing gateway, the highly reliable vDCM Multiplexer covers the full range of stream manipulation functions.

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  • Ensure efficiency at all levels

    • Delivers high throughput stream processing to increase operational efficiency
    • Analyses encoder buffering levels to optimise bandwidth usage and cross-channel allocation through statistical multiplexing operations.
    • Centralises operations via Synamedia’s Video Service Manager (VSM) to eliminate repetitive configuration work
  • Chooses among multiple on-premises and cloud deployment options to optimize costs

    • Supports IP, ASI, and ASI-to-IP conversion with ZIXI, SRT and RIST support
    • Addresses wide range of stream processing use cases to handle simplest-to-most-complex multiplexing scenarios
    • Employs flexible license model to scale easily and add functions
  • Easily manage business-critical operations
    with peace of mind

    • Activates comprehensive real-time monitoring tools and configurable alarms to control operations
    • Leverages advanced, configurable redundancy schemes and forward error correction (FEC) capabilities to address unexpected events
    • Utilizes intuitive user interface to configure stream manipulations and set up dynamic rules easily

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