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vDCM Encoder

Feature-Rich, High-Performance Multiplexer and Transport Gateway.

Flexible, High-Quality Encoder/Transcoder for Live Broadcast and ABR Streaming Video

Synamedia’s vDCM Encoder is a software-based encoding/transcoding solution. Based on Synamedia’s in-house developed and patented compression engines, the solution provides exceptional picture quality at all bitrates, enabling broadcasters and service providers to deliver an outstanding viewing experience at minimum bandwidth.

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  • Deliver the best experience on any screen

    • Leverages Synamedia’s AI-optimized compression algorithms to provide exceptional audio and video quality using the least number of bits
    • Utilises advanced audio level adjustment features to enhance the user experience
    • Features low latency mode to offer true live video
    • Optimises bandwidth usage on any network without compromising quality to increase network efficiency
  • Focus on business benefits

    • Maintains outstanding CPU efficiency to maximise density and minimise infrastructure costs
    • Enables ad and local program insertion to
      monetise premium video quality and generate revenue
    • Deploys flexible licensing model to scale easily
      and activate new functions
  • Easily manage business-critical operations
    with peace of mind

    • Operates with Synamedia’s Video Network
      Service Manager (VSM) to centralise your OTT and broadcast services
    • Offers rich and documented APIs to meet all specific requirements
    • Provides intuitive drag-and-drop interface to
      quickly configure your service
    • Ensures high availability with efficient monitoring and management tools to let you focus on value-added tasks

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