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Edge Media Streamer

Feature-Rich, High-Performance Multiplexer and Transport Gateway.

Control Video Delivery to Maximise Performance, Scalability and Quality of Video Experience

Synamedia’s Edge Media Streamer is a pure software solution enabling video service providers and network operators to control the delivery of streamed content to viewers. As a result, you can minimise network and origin server load, while enhancing the user experience.
The high-performance Edge Media Streamer enables you to deliver terabits of streamed video content per second to millions of simultaneous users with minimum latency.

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  • Maintain visibility and control over your video delivery

    • Leverage real-time monitoring and analytics
      to optimise costs, performance, operational  efficiency and user experience
    • Use or customise predefined standard graphs
      and report metrics to gain deep insights and
      troubleshoot rapidly
  • Scale easily and rapidly for outstanding performance

    • Leverage high throughput and minimum latency to serve millions of simultaneous users at the highest QoE
    • Scale up or down your CDN to maintain high
      performance at any end user demand level
  • Leverage proven service expertise

    • Call upon Synamedia’s design, installation,
      configuration and commissioning professional
      services to enjoy peace of mind
    • Choose a self-operated or fully managed model
      to best meet your requirements
    • Utilise expert care services to receive ongoing,
      focused assistance

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