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Edge Media Broadcaster

Feature-Rich, High-Performance Multiplexer and Transport Gateway.

Move to Future-Proof Distribution Formats to Save On Infrastructure Costs

Synamedia’s Edge Media Broadcaster is a pure software solution enabling the combination of future-proof adaptive bitrate video distribution formats with infrastructure cost savings enabled by multicast.

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  • Grow your audience without increasing your costs

    • Operate via CDN deployment or multicast-ABR to give you full freedom of choice
    • Unify IPTV and OTT worlds to streamline with a single distribution infrastructure
    • Leverage existing OTT video headend infrastructures to avoid additional changes
    • Stream to mobile devices to increase multicast
  • Migrate easily to future-proof multicast-ABR

    • Easily integrate in existing CPE to accelerate time to market
    • Address existing connected streaming devices to eliminate modifications
  • Deliver a broadcast-quality user experience to all devices

    • Leverage multicast infrastructure to the end-user premises to reach home devices
    • Offer low latency, error correction and fast channel change to improve experiences
  • Simplify operations

    • Operate a single distribution infrastructure to deliver to all screens
    • Control end-to-end multicast-ABR distribution path via single component to manage operations easily and efficiently
    • Utilise advanced monitoring and analytics dashboards to gain insights into your end users

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