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Targeted Advertising

Bring in new revenue with targeted ads

Increase the value of your inventory and draw new advertisers to TV with household-level video targeting.

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Harness data to drive growth

In a world of Infinite Entertainment, the opportunity is to combine the accuracy of digital with the reach of TV to create a new kind of advertising model for your business.

This is big.

Attract new advertisers

Empower brands and customers who previously weren’t interested in mass media by giving them access to the audience segments they want.

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Multiply the value of your inventory

Target multiple households with different ads to generate revenue from multiple advertisers – for the same ad spots.

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Increase ad effectiveness

Track reach and penetration down to the household level – so you only pay for the audience you want, and never waste marketing budget again.

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Understand your audience

Harness real-time video analytics and third-party data to know exactly who’s watching what – and who could be targeting them.

Sky turned the TV advertising model on its head – with our help

Working with us, Sky built Sky AdSmart, a personalized ad targeting platform that combines the brand-building power of TV with the data-driven precision and granular targeting of digital.

We delivered an end-to-end digital delivery chain to millions of set-top boxes without any disruption to the service.

Viewers are seeing ads that are actually relevant to them – and advertisers are seeing previously unthinkable returns.

  • 100% rise in sales seen by a Ford dealership after its AdSmart campaign
  • Audi found viewers targeted with its AdSmart campaign were twice as likely to buy a new car as broader TV ad viewers
  • Nearly 70% of AdSmart advertisers has not previously advertised on TV or Sky

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