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Respect. Sustainability. Responsibility.

How Synamedia is contributing to a bright, inclusive, sustainable future

Our mission

Every day, we empower the people that call Synamedia home to work in wiser, smarter, and kinder ways—and to make decisions that leave the world a better place.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is about contributing to a better society based on the actions of every single employee – not just ‘top-down’ policies and programs. We call it Synamedia Horizons.

We love to hear about the positive ways our people are impacting the communities where we live and work. That’s why we encourage employees across the company to share their volunteering and fundraising experiences, and to invite as many colleagues as possible to join in.

Our core pillars

Respect, Sustainability, and Responsibility

Our three core pillars underpin everything in Synamedia’s ‘Horizons’ Corporate Social Responsibility program. We encourage every employee to participate, whether that means volunteering at a charitable organization, making sustainable life choices, or helping to raise money for good causes.


We accept and embrace our differences as a force that makes us stronger. At all levels of the business, we promote tolerance and inclusivity, while also providing a fair, safe, and comfortable working environment for all our people, all the time.

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We operate in the most environmentally sustainable ways to safeguard the planet for future generations. From efficient use of renewable energy sources, to increased remote collaboration, reduced international travel, and regional ‘cycle to work’ programs, we’re committed to making our business-as-usual activities as sustainable as possible. We also partner with environmental organizations to support reforestation activities and other green projects.

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Trees for Life

In partnership with Trees for Life, we plant trees throughout the year to commemorate people and events, and encourage our people to do the same.


We reach out to support and enrich the communities around us. Our Time2Give program gives everyone at Synamedia time out of their working week to volunteer with charities near to their hearts. We also run the DonateADay initiative, which allows employees to donate the monetary value of a day off to charitable causes.

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Contribute to a brighter, greener future with Synamedia

Through our commitment to Respect, Sustainability, and Responsibility, we’re broadening our horizons and continuing to make a real and lasting difference to stakeholders, employees, and communities worldwide.

If you’d like to be a part of it, please take a look at our Careers page.

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