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Synamedia OTT ServiceGuard

Advanced anti-piracy security for OTT video services.

Key benefits

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Protect your content and service

Protect against common pirate attacks across your OTT service including content theft, concurrency manipulation, and token duplication.

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Detect infrastructure attacks

Detect and restrict service access from rooted and jailbroken devices, as well as applications, that have been tampered with.

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Integrate with any platform

Integrate seamlessly with any OTT platform and across popular device types.


Block pirate scripts

Protect against the increasing use of pirate scripts that bypass common authentication and DRM technologies to steal content and service access for distribution through illicit streaming services.


Protect your investment

Ensure only legitimate subscribers and devices get access to your service. Block pirate scripts, identify jailbroken and rooted devices, and encrypt back-end messages to deepen security.


Strengthen concurrency mechanisms

Stop pirates scripts from tricking concurrency controls to allow unlimited streams to be played concurrently from a single account.


Reduce operational costs

Protect your OTT service end-to-end to avoid under-the-radar infrastructure abuse and bandwidth theft that increase your CDN costs.


Secure your content with multi-DRM

Use our cloud-hosted multi-DRM service to deliver encrypted content, to any device, using industry-standard DRM technologies including Widevine, Fairplay and PlayReady.


Leverage our security expertise

Strengthen your content security, easily integrate with your application to accelerate time to market, and implement a single, cross-platform solution to cover all devices.

Supporting your success

We won’t rest until you’re benefiting as much as possible from all that OTT ServiceGuard offers your business. After all, our mission is your success. Whether you need help getting started, with deployment and optimisation, or specific tasks relating to your business, our expert 360° Support teams will resolve your request as quickly as possible.

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