Detect, Disrupt, & Secure Profit

Protect your premium content from piracy with an intelligence-based anti-piracy solution.

Key Benefits



Harness robust, cost-efficient, studio-compliant forensic watermarking to protect your content investment.


Monitoring & Take-down

Launch advanced, automated monitoring campaigns with legal take-down and leakage disruption.

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Real-time Reports

Observe intuitive dashboards in real-time and share the results of your anti-piracy activities.


Check how our anti-piracy solution can protect your content investment.

Detect leakage

Detect leaks with robust, cost-efficient forensic watermarking technology and apply disruption to achieve immediate results without relying on 3rd party compliance.

Monitor infringements

Monitor all pirate services (IPTV, open web, and social) based on advanced cyber intelligence to issue legal take-down to remove infringing content and detect/disrupt leaks.


Use intuitive real-time EverGuard dashboards to view the impact of campaign actions and share the results of your anti-piracy activities.

Supporting your success

We won’t rest until you’re benefiting as much as possible from all that EverGuard offers your business. After all, our mission is your success. Whether you need help getting started, with deployment and optimisation, or specific tasks relating to your business, our expert 360° Support teams will resolve your request as quickly as possible.

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    Harness EverGuard to detect and disrupt illegal streaming services stealing your content

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