4 Data challenges holding you back

Gain valuable insights into improving your video service, analysing subscriber behaviour with Clarissa and AWS.

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Happy customers don’t leave

Avoid viewer churn by keeping your viewers engaged with personalised and easy to use content discovery, giving them what you know they love.

Clarissa & AWS is the must-have tool for any video business looking to stay ahead of the competition, and provide outstanding user experiences for their subscribers.

Find out from one of our experts how AWS and Clarissa can turn your data into actionable insights.

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Key benefits

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Rely on a single source of truth

Unify multiple data sources into a GDPR-compliant data warehouse that delivers cross-platform insights tailored for your video business


Unlimited scale for unlimited growth

Keep up with viewer demand and ensure a targeted user experience with a single, integrated platform

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Make smarter business decisions

Leverage insights to drive impact across your business from back-office operations to new customer acquisition

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