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Keep customers engaged with your service

Customers overwhelmed by choice become distracted and disengaged, leading them to switch off. In this highly competitive environment, how can you know what will keep customers happily using your service?

Synamedia Clarissa helps you capture their attention by providing data-driven clarity on what customers want from their video service. Learn what content they are likely to watch, when they like to watch it, and on what device, so that you can keep them engaged and coming back for more.

  • Complete visibility of your customer’s content experience

  • A single source of truth that overcomes data silos and delivers cross-platform insights

  • Insights that help you target personalized offers, services and ads

Content insights module

Enhance your content acquisition and licensing strategies

  • Track subscriber video consumption across device types to make your promotions and curated content more relevant
  • Identify trends that can inform your content acquisition plans and increase your return on investment
Content Insights
App insights module

Build customer loyalty by providing frictionless navigation and content discovery

  • Compare time spent browsing versus viewing to track User Interface (UI) efficiency and performance
  • Optimize features that improve navigation and accessibility to increase your content consumption
App Insights
Operational insights module

Boost subscriber satisfaction based on a clear view of their experiences and engagement

  • Discover trends in errors which can improve product design and reduce customer frustration
  • Understand the impact of video quality and playback performance on viewer behaviour
Operational Insights

Use Synamedia Clarissa to maximise the potential of your video content

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