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Meet Synamedia Clarissa

Uncover the business insights you need to build better products, earn customer loyalty and drive customer retention. Introducing Synamedia Clarissa – deep video analytics to improve the Pay TV subscriber experience.

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From video data to business insights

Pay TV providers have access to a wealth of internal data across their video ecosystem – from their distribution and delivery networks, to client devices. Few, however, are getting the full value of that data. Synamedia Clarissa is designed from the ground up to transform your data into valuable video business insights.


Data alone is not enough

Video services have grown more complex and customer behavior is evolving as consumers navigate the multitude of options for accessing the content they want. Simple, headline metrics or out-of-the box operational tools no longer provide the meaningful information you need to win in a competitive marketplace.

Why video analytics matter

Understanding your subscribers’ experience is the key to building a compelling video service; one that combines the right content, convenience, quality and value to satisfy and retain your customers. Powered by machine learning and AI, Synamedia Clarissa collects and analyzes data across the full video experience and transforms it into video-centric, business insights that align with your strategic goals.

By equipping your business people with the subscriber data insights, you can:

  • Enhance your customer service and improve call center metrics
  • Personalize your offers to improve Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
  • Optimize content acquisition ROI
  • Target your marketing and sales efforts for higher conversion rates
  • Develop customer loyalty and grow your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

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Get the insights you need with Clarissa

Convert video data into fresh subscriber insights and optimize your content acquisition strategy. Find out how you can create new opportunities for your business with Synamedia Clarissa.

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Clarus: Latin for ‘bright, clear’

With Clarissa, you can:

  • Build customer loyalty by providing frictionless navigation and content discovery. All thanks to the Subscriber Experience module.

    • Compare time spent browsing versus viewing to track User Interface (UI) efficiency and performance
    • Identify and deploy features that improve navigation and accessibility to increase your content consumption
  • Boost subscriber satisfaction based on a clear view of their experiences and engagement with the Video Quality module.

    • Discover trends in errors which can optimize your customer service strategy
    • Quantify the impact of Quality of Service (QoS) on subscriber behaviour to improve your problem resolution
  • Enhance your content acquisition and licensing strategies with our Content Consumption module.

    • Track subscriber video consumption across device types to make your subscriber viewing recommendations more relevant
    • Calculate content ROI to maximize value and identify trending genres that inform your content acquisition plans
  • Personalize your subscriber experiences and ads with audience profiling via our Advertising Insights module.

    • Segment viewers into profiles based on their viewing patterns and preferences to target ads more effectively
    • Combine demographic data to deliver personalized offers and ads for individual subscribers

Power your video business with data-led insights.

Read our Synamedia Clarissa At-A-Glance to know more.

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Why Clarissa for deep video insights?

  • Multi-platform and multiservice capabilities

    Source and analyze data from linear, time-shifted, and on-demand services across any video platform, including satellite, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), and Over-the-top (OTT) services.

  • Advanced analytics services to address your specific pain points

    Reconcile data insights with your business strategy and pain points – and answer complex questions like:

    • Which content should I be acquiring?
    • Where should I place ads to maximize conversion?
    • How can I maximize return on my infrastructure and customer service investments?
  • Compliance with international data protection and security standards

    Keep subscriber data safe, controlled and consented in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Unify your data and unearth deep video insights.

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