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Synamedia Clarissa sources and analyzes data across video platforms to guide smarter decision making, so you can deliver optimized video experiences. Take a demo to see what Clarissa can reveal about your customers, so you can capture attention and boost retention.

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Video services have grown fragmented and there’s never been more noise to shout over. Customers overwhelmed by choice become distracted and disengaged, leading them to switch off instead of subscribe. So you need to find proactive ways to gain viewers’ attention, retain them, and reduce churn.

The smartest way to do that is by using the data and insight viewers give you every day to learn, change and optimize. Making your platform easier to navigate, full of content people want, and informed by a deep understanding of their customers. Synamedia Clarissa helps you do that. It delivers quality, useful insight, from device preference to what makes binge-worthy content. So you can create high-quality viewing experiences that keep users signed up and switched on.

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Get the insights you need with Clarissa

Convert video data into valuable subscriber insights and boost customer retention. Find out how you can evaluate, adjustand optimize your business strategy with Synamedia Clarissa.

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Content insights module

Enhance your content acquisition and licensing strategies

  • Track subscriber video consumption across device types to make your promotions and curated content more relevant
  • Identify trends that can inform your content acquisition plans and increase your return on investment
App insights module

Build customer loyalty by providing frictionless navigation and content discovery

  • Compare time spent browsing versus viewing to tracker User Interface (UI) efficiency and performance
  • Optimize features that improvenavigation and accessibility to increase your content consumption
Operational insights module

Boost subscriber satisfaction based on a clear view of their experiences and engagement

  • Discover trends in errors which can improve product design and reduce customer frustration
  • Quantify the impact of Quality of Service (QoS) on viewer behaviour to improve your problem resolution
  • Reconcile data insights with your business strategy and pain points

  • Target your marketing and sales efforts for higher conversion rates

  • Keep subscriber data safe and in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Unearth deep video insights and drive customer engagement

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