Return Material Authorization Policy

“RMA” policy for Synamedia Vividtec Holdings Inc. (Synamedia)

1 Preface

1.1 Abstract

Synamedia Vividtec Holdings Inc. (Synamedia) has an “All Sales Are Final” policy outlined in the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale. Customers and Partners are only allowed to return products when they are defective, shipped due to a Synamedia error, or in compliance with Synamedia program (such as Trade-In or End-of-Lease); all other requests to return equipment are considered as exceptions and must go through the Synamedia exception approval process. Review and approval of any RMA is solely made at Synamedia’s discretion.

All returns are subject to Synamedia approval depending on the type of return (Appendix 1). An RMA (Return Material Authorization) number associated with the return will be issued upon approval.  All returns must be accompanied with an RMA Number.

All product and its components must be sent to Synamedia in the same working condition in which they were received or, for equipment which was deployed by the customer or partner, in the condition it was removed from deployment and properly packaged to prevent damage in transit.

1.2  Purpose of This Document

The purpose of this document is to define the policies that govern the return of materials to Synamedia. The requirements set forth in this policy must be met in order to return materials to Synamedia.

1.3  Applicability

This policy is applicable globally to all materials being returned to Synamedia. The policy is applicable to Synamedia and to companies acquired by Synamedia once such companies are fully integrated with Synamedia’s ordering and return processes.

1.4 Terminology

Table 1 provides a glossary of terms crucial to the understanding of this document and lists the acronyms and abbreviations used within the document.


Table 1 – Terminology

Term Definition
Return Material Authorization (RMA) A unique identifier from Synamedia that allows a customer to return material to Synamedia, which may include product, hardware, software, licenses, or service contracts. See Appendix 1 for a listing of the RMA types.

Service RMA

These returns are generally for the return of parts shipped in error due to Synamedia order processing and fulfillment reasons; failed parts under warranty or under a Synamedia service contract.  Service RMAs are currently processed through Synamedia’s RMA system.
Non-Service RMA All other returns of unused or unwanted products, including hardware, software, and service contracts.  These returns are processed through the Synamedia ERP system.
Discrepant receipt Any item received at the receiving dock that does not match the item on the issued RMA.
Partial receipt Any item received at the receiving dock that matches the item on the issued RMA but differs in quantity.


2  Policy Statements

2.1 Approvals

A service RMA must follow the Synamedia TAC support workflow. All non-service RMA requests will be subject to the internal Synamedia exception review and approval process.

2.2 Returns Location

All returns must be returned to a Synamedia authorized location. Customers will be advised of the specific return location in the RMA notification.

2.3 Time Window for Returns

Returns must be sent to Synamedia within 30 calendar days from RMA issue date, or the specific RMA number will expire and a new request will need to be submitted for this return.

2.4 Consequences for Non-Return

For returns for customer credit, Synamedia reserves the right to cancel the issuance of credits for products not returned by the specified date and a second RMA may not be approved.  Synamedia reserves the right to invoice for non-returned product at the current list price.

2.5 Restocking Fee

Returns of non-defective equipment may incur up to a 15% restocking fee. The restocking fee percentage may vary by product line. Synamedia reserves all rights in defining the fee percentage for restocking. The Synamedia VP of finance approves the imposition of the restocking fee.

2.6 Return Freight Charges

Customer is responsible for return freight charges for service RMAs.

2.7 Unauthorized Returns/Refused Shipments

If a customer or partner returns product to Synamedia without a valid RMA, Synamedia shall use reasonable efforts to contact the customer or partner and attempt to resolve the situation in accordance with the requirements of this policy.  Should Synamedia be unable to resolve the situation in accordance with this policy, then Synamedia reserves the right to refuse the shipment. Unless not permitted by applicable law, any product returned to Synamedia, but not the subject of a valid RMA, shall become the property of Synamedia.

2.8 Disputed Returns

If a customer or partner believes there is an error or discrepancy involving any RMA or any returned products, it may contact Synamedia and Synamedia will use reasonable efforts to resolve the situation in accordance with this policy.

2.9  Removal of Sensitive Data

It is the customer’s responsibility to remove any data before returning the products to Synamedia.

2.10 Returns with Software Items

Software is comprised of licenses and/or software binary images.  For return of software item only, no physical or electronic return of licenses or software binary images is required to process receipt for an RMA.

Authorized replacement hardware should be restored to the state of the returned material by the Customer, including all installed software images, version, features and licenses.

No credit will be issued for physical or electronic return of licenses or software binary images for convenience cancellations.


3 Policy Compliance

Policy compliance requirements are as follows:

3.1 Compliance Measurement

Compliance with Synamedia Policies is mandatory.  The Synamedia Technical Services Organization will monitor the process and ensure compliance by reviewing relevant metrics quarterly and conducting audits and reviews as appropriate.

3.2 Exceptions

Specific return language in a customer or partner Synamedia purchase agreement supersedes this policy.

Any exception to this policy must receive prior written approval via email from the appropriate Synamedia Manager.

3.3 Applicable Law

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, this policy is subject in all cases to applicable law, and in the event of any conflict between applicable law and this policy, applicable law shall control.


Appendix 1: RMA Order Types


Order Type Program Type Description Governance
Service RMA Credit or Replacement Returns for credit due to Synamedia error.

HW standard warranty and entitled service contract returns for replacement.

Approval needed,

TAC L1/L2 needed to verify HW failure


Non-Service RMA Credit or Replacement All other return requests outside of the scope of Service RMA. Exceptions Approval Process

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