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  • Addressable Advertising across every platform

    At last—end-to-end addressable advertising for broadcast, IP, OTT and Hybrid.

    Understand your audience, monetize your inventory and grow new revenue—all from one place—with household-level addressability across every network.

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The data-driven solution to video advertising fragmentation

Today’s audiences move seamlessly between multiple screens and devices across broadcast and online services.

Help advertisers engage the right people every time with a data-driven, cross-platform video advertising solution.

Deliver more effective ad experiences that combine the reach and value of broadcast with the intelligence and precision of the web.

What is Synamedia Iris?

Synamedia Iris is a complete platform to manage, deliver and measure household-level addressable advertising across broadcast, OTT, IP and hybrid platforms.

It harnesses a multitude of in-house and third-party data to create a continuous, joined-up view of your audience—across all your services and applications.

The result is cross-platform advertising orchestration supported by deep audience insights and intelligence.

Meet your audience exactly where they are

The new addressable advertising horizon

  • Manage every campaign from one interface to increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increase pre-roll and catch-up TV ad revenue with addressability on all screens
  • Deliver addressable advertising into live, broadcast content on one-way devices
  • Boost performance and engagement with capping and measurement
  • Leverage cross-platform ad delivery analytics for single currency trading

The big returns of unified addressable advertising

  • Create innovative (and lucrative) solutions for advertising partners
  • Maximize your inventory’s value (and trade more of it)
  • Build rich 360° understanding of your audience (and tailor precise segments for brands)
  • Increase ad effectiveness while driving audience satisfaction and engagement

Video advertising pioneers

Synamedia has been at the forefront of video advertising innovations for a long time.
We have a rich track record of helping the best video providers in the world build effective, revenue-generating addressable advertising capabilities.

We helped Sky build AdSmart—a personalized ad targeting platform that married the brand-building power of TV and with data-driven precision of digital.
Now they have an end-to-end digital delivery chain to millions of set-top boxes, providing viewers with relevant and engaging ads, and advertisers with incredible returns, like:

  • A Ford dealership that saw 100% rise in sales following a single campaign
  • Audi found its addressable audiences twice as likely to buy as generic viewers
  • Influx of 70% new advertisers who’d previously not advertised on TV or Sky

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