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Unlock new revenue opportunities and boost business value with Synamedia…

Jon Curnow

By Jon Curnow

Lead Product Manager at Synamedia

Unlock new revenue opportunities and boost business value with Synamedia Iris

Synamedia Iris is designed to unify addressable advertising across both broadcast and streaming, increasing the value of your business. But what defines ‘value’ in this regard? Boosting revenue is obviously a key driver, but as you’ll see, value also has a wider meaning. 

The value of reach 

For starters, there is greater business value in greater reach. With Synamedia Iris, you can leverage advanced ad targeting capabilities to reach specific audience segments across multiple screens and services, from set-top boxes to smartphones. By addressing every screen with a consistent, targeted campaign, you can make sure to reach all your audiences without incurring ad fatigue or wastage. 

The value of advanced segmentation  

The advanced segmentation capabilities in Synamedia Iris include the ability to use behavioural and contextual targeting, with a granularity that incorporates: channels, the time of day, device types/brands/models/browsers/OS, viewer location, and content keywords. This enables you to increase the effectiveness of campaigns, resulting in higher engagement, improved ad yields, and increased revenue per impression. 

Plug Synamedia Iris into your existing ad tech stack, and you can also use it to explore fresh advertising propositions and tap into new ad inventory opportunities. For example, segmenting inventory through granular targeting makes addressable TV advertising accessible to new, local or regional advertisers. This, in turn, has the potential to unlock additional revenue streams and enhance the viewer experience. 

Synamedia’s groundbreaking work with Sky “boosted advertiser sales by up to 100%, and improved the likelihood to buy [an] advertised brand by over 50%.” In addition, the Synamedia addressable advertising platform “increased the number of first-time advertisers on TV or on Sky by 70%.” 

The value of improved performance 

There’s greater value in better performance. Synamedia Iris enables you to optimise direct and programmatic campaign performance through advanced analytics and real-time insights. For example, you can monitor ad engagement metrics, such as impressions and viewing quartiles, across different screens and services. This gives visibility and context to make data-driven adjustments to campaigns, ensuring that they deliver improved results and maximise revenue for you and your advertisers. 

The value of simplicity 

Sticking with the idea of optimisation, there is also greater value in simplicity. Using a unified ad platform for broadcast and streaming makes it easier for advertisers to engage with audiences, delivering the benefits of TV advertising with the precision of digital advertising. If you’re a pay TV provider or content provider, it frees your business from silos, simplifying content distribution and management, streamlining business and technical workflows and reducing costs.  

The value of modularity 

Speaking of reducing costs, Synamedia Iris is an end-to-end, yet completely modular addressable advertising solution. With this flexibility, you can choose to deploy the entire platform at once or seamlessly integrate individual parts (Ad Manager, Ad Decision Server, Server-side Ad Insertion and Broadcast Delivery) alongside existing components to enhance and upgrade your advertising infrastructure. 

From enhancing ad targeting precision and improving the viewer experience, to streamlining operations and exploring new revenue streams, Synamedia Iris delivers value where you need it most. To find out more about how to unleash your addressable advertising potential, download our eGuide or contact us for more information 

About the Author

Jon Curnow is an experienced Lead Product Manager at Synamedia, where he manages parts of the Synamedia Advanced Advertising product portfolio. He has spent more than 20 years in sales engineering and product roles developing digital advertising technology solutions at companies such as Microsoft, SAS, Facebook and ITV.

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