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Simplify and scale: Driving success with modular addressable advertising

Jomith George

By Jomith George

Lead Product Manager at Synamedia

Simplify and scale: Driving success with modular addressable advertising

In today’s ever-evolving advertising landscape, it’s more important than ever for companies to have an addressable advertising infrastructure that is flexible and scalable.   

It’s easy to understand why some companies don’t want to invest in a new, end-to-end ad tech platform. Many companies will already have a solution in place that works and generates revenue for them. They may not be 100% happy with that system, but changing the entire platform is a risk they don’t want to take. 

So, instead of ‘change’, think ‘enhance’. 

The building blocks of addressable advertising 

Synamedia Iris is a suite of modular technologies that can enhance the functionality and efficiency of existing advertising infrastructure. Using a modular approach, customers can deploy an entire end-to-end platform or seamlessly integrate individual Iris components with existing systems, as best fits their ad tech infrastructure. The flexible and scalable nature of SaaS means that companies can start small and experiment, testing and adding new functionality as they need to, gradually building up their capabilities over time. 

One use case for this modular approach revolves around ad routing and delivery. If you’re a pay TV provider without any ad inventory, you’re probably not doing ad decisioning. But there’s a strong chance that you can enable addressability on your video services. In this scenario, there’s a need for a mechanism that routes ad decisions to different ad providers.  

By integrating Synamedia Iris ad routing functionality into your existing ad servers, you can ensure that ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time. It can also help to increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and improve the ROI of ad spend. 

Another core feature of Synamedia Iris is standalone SSAI (Server-Side Ad Insertion). Integrating Iris SSAI into your ad system can improve the scale and device reach of ad insertion, ensuring that ads are seamlessly delivered without disrupting the user experience. In addition, using Iris SSAI can contribute to increased user engagement with advertising content, boosting the overall effectiveness of advertising campaigns. 

Extending to addressable TV advertising 

 We’re also seeing customers who want help with broadcast augmentation. These are companies that are already running addressable advertising on their streaming platforms and channels, but are keen to pull broadcast devices into the ecosystem.  

By plugging Synamedia Iris Broadcast Delivery into their existing ad tech stack, companies can improve the accuracy and effectiveness of advertising campaigns across a range of channels and platforms. This will increase the reach and impact of those campaigns, increasing yields and maximising the value of ad inventory. 

With Ad Manager, Ad Router, Ad Decision Server, SSAI and Broadcast Delivery, the modular and scalable design of Synamedia Iris makes it a powerful tool for enhancing existing advertising infrastructure. By integrating Iris functionality into existing ad tech deployments, companies can capture addressable uplift, improve scale and reach, and increase campaign yields by enhancing their existing ad tech systems.  

With a range of use cases and applications, Synamedia Iris enables companies to focus on, specific areas where they can add the most value, helping to build a more flexible and scalable advertising ecosystem that can grow and evolve over time. 

Unleash your addressable digital advertising potential. Find out more about the modular solutions Synamedia Iris offers in our downloadable eGuide.

About the Author

Jomith George is an experienced Lead Product Manager at Synamedia, where he manages parts of the Synamedia Advanced Advertising product portfolio. He makes strategic decisions to ensure competitiveness in the market and collaborates with architecture and engineering teams to drive product success. Jomith also oversees documentation efforts and supports business development activities. His expertise lies in ad tech, video advertising, programmatic advertising, broadcast advertising, and more.

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