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Cut costs of long-tail channels with Just-In-Time streaming technology

Fernando Amendola

By Fernando Amendola

Senior Director Marketing & Strategy, Video Network

Cut costs of long-tail channels with Just-In-Time streaming technology

When it comes to media consumption, today’s attention economy is usually defined by the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time we collectively pay attention to just 20% of the available content. In the case of broadcast TV, the unbalance is even more pronounced. Synamedia’s field studies have found that in a typical broadcast lineup in North American markets, 90% of viewing is dedicated to fewer than 10% of channels.
For broadcast TV, this disparity in demand is offered as a value-add. This is because broadcast TV channel lineups are designed to be all-inclusive, featuring mainstream popular content, complemented by niche content for a specific viewership segment, and a set of must-carry education and government channels (e.g. known in the US as PEG channels). These lesser-watched channels are often referred to as long-tail. Here lies the 90% of the channels watched by only 10% of the viewer-base.

The game change in streaming

Streaming long-tail channels tends to be an expensive and wasteful proposition. The system resources required to process and stream long-tail channels are identical to the resources required by the most popular channel. This is because the long-tail content is processed and delivered in multiple combinations of resolutions, bitrates, packaging, and encryption schemes “just-in-case” somebody will watch it.

On a typical channel lineup with around 150 channels, 70 of which are long-tail channels this static approach generates anywhere from 500,000 to one million video segments* daily that will never be viewed. This waste rate of video processing resources is alarming. But thanks to Synamedia’s Quortex Play, a just-in-time-everything (JIT-E) multi-tenant SaaS solution, we can now process only the segments requested by viewers in real-time.

(*) Video Segments: a few seconds video slices around 5 seconds that are encoded, processed, and packaged in multiple formats)


Dynamically stream, waste not

With Quortex Play, the encoding and processing of a given segment is triggered on-the-fly only when it is requested by a viewer. This means that segments will only be processed when a viewer watches them, dropping the typical total segments created down to fewer than 50,000 segments daily, for example. This 95% reduction in segment generation means that long-tail content is transformed from a wasteful proposition to a value-add to the operator.

Quortex Play’s infrastructure scales “just-in-time” the instant there is demand, ensuring that only the functions required for each individual request are provisioned. Its automated approach increases efficiency, simplifies operations, and reduces energy consumption. Offered as a pay-as-you-use business model, Quortex Play offers savings in infrastructure, operations, and energy.

To learn more about Quortex Play just-in-time-everything technology, download our case study or get in touch with us at Contact | Synamedia. You may also visit our website at www.quortex.io for details on JIT video workflows implementation, book a demo, or create your account and try Quortex for FREE

About the Author

Fernando Amendola is Synamedia’s Senior Director, Marketing & Strategy, Video Network. He is responsible for managing the Video Network team’s market strategy, business position, brand awareness, message narratives, and product campaigns.

With 20+ years of experience developing business growth strategies, Fernando has a deep understanding of how to grow customer segments and to help drive recurring revenue for innovative IT and media technology companies.

Prior to joining Synamedia, Fernando served as Chief Marketing Officer at ODiN Services, and several leadership positions at Ericsson, Cisco, Harmonic, and Siemens where he was responsible for leading go-to-market strategic planning, marketing strategies, and more. Through his global marketing experience, he has built and led cross-functional teams across North America, Europe, and LATAM.

Fernando has an MSEE Universidad Nacional de Cordoba and an MBA from Saint Mary’s College of California.

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