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AWS provides flexibility, scale, and security for Synamedia Clarissa

Benjamin Chen

By Benjamin Chen

Product Marketing Manager

AWS provides flexibility, scale, and security for Synamedia Clarissa

Cloud Software-as-a-Service tools are increasingly becoming the go-to choice for the operations of mission-critical business functions. Yet, on the surface, most public clouds look the same, offering globally available storage and compute services that connect users with essential tools. 

However, for SaaS providers, selecting the right cloud is fundamental to unleashing the full potential of any solution.  It’s like buying a new house: you need the space and amenities that can meet your current needs and also grow with you as your needs change.  Moreover, you want it to be in a safe and accessible location, as moving may not be convenient or easy. 

That’s why our video business insights product, Synamedia Clarissa, is purposely built on Amazon Web Services.  AWS delivers the flexibility, scale, and security our customers demand.  They not only entrust us with their valuable and sensitive data, but also rely on us to deliver transformational insights that drive their business outcomes. 


When it comes to handling data, a flexible architecture for Synamedia Clarissa is necessary given the variety of data sources, formats, and workflows that must be aligned and analysed to get meaningful insights.  AWS provides the flexibility we need to innovate and meet our customers’ needs in a constantly evolving market landscape. 


Ingesting and processing data from millions of video sessions per day requires a platform designed to scale from day one.  By using AWS Kinesis, Synamedia Clarissa can efficiently scale its data pipeline to match even the heaviest loads, without losing valuable data or running up big infrastructure bills. 


Our customers are from all parts of the world, which means that Synamedia Clarissa not only needs global reach, but also comply with local data privacy laws.  This is where AWS enables us to easily tailor data retention policies to meet the requirements of specific customers and countries, as well as protect Personally Identifiable Information data through secure encryption. 

By combining the benefits of Synamedia Clarissa with the flexibility, scale, and security of AWS, our customers can take full advantage of their video data to get reliable, actionable insights that help them increase revenue, reduce churn, and lower costs. 

Available in Marketplace 

Furthermore, Synamedia Clarissa is now available in the AWS Marketplace, where our customers can purchase, deploy, onboard, and begin getting insights quickly.  Working through AWS Marketplace helps you lower the cost and effort of procurement and reduce deployment times.  For existing AWS customers, this also means consolidated billing and reporting, as well as fulfilling spending commitments that maximize discounts across the board.  

Choosing the right cloud and the right data insights partner can turn even the most basic house into a thriving home: one that becomes integral to your business success and a foundation for future growth. 

Visit Synamedia Clarissa in the AWS Marketplace or download this eGuide to learn more. 

About the Author

Ben is a 20+ year veteran of the video industry, having worked in various roles including pre-sales, applications engineering, and technical marketing for Scientific-Atlanta, Cisco, and now Synamedia. He is currently the Product Marketing lead for the Synamedia Iris and Clarissa solutions. Ben holds a BS and master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. In his spare time, Ben enjoys watching football, playing guitar, and nerding out over Marvel movies and Terry Pratchett novels. 

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