You need video insights

You need video insights

The reason Pay-TV providers aren’t as data-driven as their internet competitors isn’t because they lack data – it’s because they’re not using it to its full potential.

Zoom in a little, and it’s easy to see why: the video data pouring in from countless services and devices creates a fragmented and disjointed dataset that most video analytics tools were never built to resolve.

In this multi-part blog series, we’ll explore why an integrated approach restores data unity, and why comprehensive video analytics unlock powerful business insights that help drive viewer attention and loyalty in an ever-competitive economy.

And the best part? Accessing these insights is way easier than you think.

There’s something missing from traditional video analytics

Traditional video analytics solutions typically focus on one half of the potential value locked up in video data: operational performance. They’re great for transforming streams of network data into meaningful insights around video quality.

And that’s important: subscribers will soon get distracted and won’t stick around if they’re not getting a consistently high-quality video experience.

But likewise: users don’t stick around for visual fidelity alone. To attract and engage new customers – and keep their attention and loyalty for the long haul – you also need video insights that help you optimise your content availability to keep your customers engaged.

Understanding precisely what subscribers want to watch and how they like to watch it is a huge competitive advantage in today’s attention economy. The trouble is that most video analytics solutions were built to address either video quality insights or content availability insights.

To build a truly holistic, end-to-end view of user behaviour and experience, you need a solution that does both – breaking down silos for good.

Why smashing silos unlocks value-driving insights

As consumers watch video content across myriad services and devices, they leave a trail of valuable content performance data in their wake. Things like:

  • What they’re watching…
  • On what device…
  • For how long…
  • When…
  • Where…
  • How they discovered it…

Analysed together, data points like these contain a universe of potential insights on what keeps users engaged. And that’s what can unlock better decision-making and business outcomes.

The trouble is that upon creation they’re immediately locked behind different systems and platforms, with no way to join the dots and realise the value within. (This challenge is compounded by the fact that there are typically multiple consumers – with multiple viewing preferences – in a single household.)

The answer isn’t to add yet another data analytics solution on top of the others – that would just create another silo.

The solution is to bridge the gaps between all video data – content and quality – to weave the data insights across your networks, platforms, services and end-user devices into a single (and more meaningful) bigger picture.

How video insights can help video providers come out on top

Comprehensive video insight solutions are key to delivering the standout content, experiences, and services that help you win in the attention economy, and put you laps ahead of your competitors.

Video insights bridge your siloed data from varied sources and move past one-dimensional analytics to unearth comprehensive, granular insights that reveal your customers’ viewing habits, and what really makes them tick and tuned in.

Insights allow you to understand things like:

  • Which content, services, and features drive user attention and retention (and which drive them to distraction)
  • How service and experience errors impact your customer retention
  • How effectively your user experience enables content discovery
  • How to group subscribers based on their behaviour and preferences

This isn’t just a more comprehensive picture than traditional video analytics solutions – it’s a springboard to a much bigger opportunity.

When you have deep insights, you can make smarter decisions that deliver customer experiences that avoid the risk of distraction and switching off for good.

Smarter decisions that enable you to:

  • Drive subscribers to engaging and relevant content, at the perfect time, on the right devices
  • Acquire content your customers love (and proving it with ROI tracking)
  • Segment your audience in ways that let you accurately identify and address the needs of the household
  • Upsell enhanced services and create high-value offers (based on behaviours or preferences) for individuals

The point is, when you’re able to continuously extract insights from your raw data to guide smarter decision-making, you cultivate a sustained competitive advantage that keeps viewers coming back for more.

And that’s where our new business insights solution comes in.

Introducing Synamedia Clarissa

Synamedia Clarissa, our newly launched video insights solution, gives you the tools to find value in your biggest – and most underutilised – asset: customer data and insight.

Video-specific data analytics tools and dashboards combine with our decades of video industry expertise to help you deliver the right content, at the right time, in the right waybringing your customers joy, increasing engagement, and reducing subscriber churn.

It’s time to activate compelling, insight-driven, and personalised experiences in your service. Synamedia Clarissa gives you the boost you need to get there.