Synamedia Clarissa brings new clarity to video business decisions

Synamedia Clarissa brings new clarity to video business decisions

London – February 17, 2021 – Synamedia, the world’s largest independent video software provider, today launched Clarissa, the industry’s first business insights solution to take a holistic view of traditional pay-TV and OTT businesses and reveal critical behavioral and consumption insights. Business managers without data science skills can now unlock untapped potential and find new connections in their data to make more informed and impactful business decisions.

Insights from Clarissa can be applied to meet KPIs such as boosting engagement, reducing churn, increasing ARPU and cutting unnecessary costs. By applying AI and machine learning techniques to the data, Clarissa reveals new business insights that deliver improvements including ROI on content spend and call centre metrics.

Clarissa brings together siloed data sets to achieve a universal view across its four applications: viewing quality, user experience, content consumption, and advertising insights. It allows users to change any element of their service and immediately see the impact this has on other metrics. This includes fine-tuning the new customer on-boarding flow or streamlining  the journey to content by reducing the number of clicks.

By unifying data from many sources, Clarissa provides clarity on performance across all video services, allowing customers to understand not only what content is popular but on which devices and in what format. By using machine learning to analyze content metadata, Clarissa can predict which content will increase engagement. Customers can then reduce their long tail of unpopular content and only renew rights for those platforms and devices that viewers actually use, increasing ROI on content licensing and acquisition costs.

“Clarissa turns what has been a dark art into a science. It democratizes data by giving insights to all decision makers. Video service providers need a trusted data partner with an unrivalled understanding of video and TV to help them see the bigger picture and improve their service offering. Now, armed with deep insights into their viewers’ needs and the value of their services, video service providers can adapt to win in today’s attention economy,” said Amruta Shankar, Director of Data and Analytics at Synamedia.

Viewing quality

The quality of both the service (QoS) and the viewer experience (QoE) are key to keeping users engaged and, in turn, reduce the likelihood of churn. Clarissa’s viewing quality dashboards provide operations teams with quantifiable insights about how many users are struggling to consume content due to external factors, user error, and service issues.

Content consumption

Understanding content consumption needs to go deeper than measuring audience sizes. Both content providers and service providers can benefit from understanding where engagement drops off or picks up; the impact of promotions on the uptake of a new season; and which content gets binge-watched compared with content consumed on a weekly linear schedule. Armed with these insights, Clarissa customers can change the way future programs are created and distributed.

Viewer experience

When every platform offers so much choice, content discovery can be a headache for users. The Viewer Experience insights make the process of finding the right content at the right time for the right people on any device more seamless.

Advertising insights

This application allows video providers to understand their audiences more deeply and segment by behavior to create specific value for advertising, as well as offering a sophisticated multi-platform ad  measurement capability for insight into advertising effectiveness.

Available as a managed software-as-a-service, Clarissa supports traditional pay-TV and OTT providers including direct-to-consumer. It works on any video platform including Synamedia Infinite. The solution can integrate third-party data sources to build insights in days instead of months.

While the viewing quality, user experience, and content consumption applications are available to use out-of-the-box, advertising insights is customized to support local data laws. Future enhancements include extending the customer acquisition journey to understand the effectiveness of campaigns on different audiences.

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