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Keep your subscribers coming back for more with video insights

Using data-driven insights, you can deliver a compelling, personalized experience that keeps your customers engaged and reduces churn.

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Mar 23, 2021

By Marta

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by Amruta Shankar, Director of Data and Analytics, Synamedia



The old adage that content is king is still true. But when your viewers are overwhelmed by choice, you need video insights to help connect them to the things they love.

Traditionally, a large channel offering paired with a robust VOD catalogue – bundled at a reasonable price – has been a proven winner when it comes to attracting and keeping subscribers or repeat customers. 

But, with content options becoming increasingly fragmented across services, it’s no longer enough to rely purely on aggregating content. Service providers need to ramp up the viewing experience for customers, to make sure the right content gets in front of the right people at the right time.

That’s because viewers, inundated with too much choice and too little time, are increasingly unwilling to trawl through content libraries in search of something to watch. Instead, they want instantaneous results delivered in an organic-feeling way.

And they’re willing to chop and change services to get it.

Keeping subscribers engaged is often easier said than done

Often, the struggle doesn’t lie in attracting customers to your service, but in keeping them. In 2020, overall subscriber churn numbers for OTT services averaged around 38% (Parks, 2020).

Customers tend to be drawn to a new service by blockbuster or exclusive content – but if they aren’t given a reason to stay once the series ends, they’ll move on to the next service with a big hit. In fact, recent studies show that as many as 62% of OTT subscribers drop a service and become a churn statistic after completing the content that initially drew them to the service (Deloitte, 2020).

So what can you do to prevent this?

Insight-driven content curation and delivery is the answer

Video insights can help you to identify what makes your content successful, so you can optimize how people engage with it and anchor subscribers to an elevated experience that earns their loyalty.

As we covered in our blog about the difference between video insights and analytics, video insights don’t just tell you what’s happening – they suggest a clear course of action to drive better customer outcomes. So you don’t just unearth how your customers discover and consume content – you also see which actions you need to take to boost customer joy and engagement.

Here are some video insights use cases that demonstrate how to leverage your extended catalogue in ways that keep customers engaged – piquing their interest in content that might be less familiar, but just as compelling as what brought them in.

How video insights drive deeper customer engagement 

Rich video insights enable you to:

Get the right content mix in front of the right people, at the right time.

Using video insights, you can identify a household’s demographic mix and viewing habits. That means you’ll be able to surface the right format of content to match their needs in real-time.

For example, pushing digestible, on-demand content to a customer’s preferred mobile device for out-of-home consumption (for example, on a train or in a café), and highlighting appointment viewing content (such as evening news or live sports) on the home screen of a living room device at a time when a customer is likely to be at home.

Design frictionless, intuitive user journeys that get customers to the content they want, faster.

Video insights give you a window into household lifestyles, viewing preferences, and customer habits. By leveraging them, you can refine your service’s user experience (UX) to allow for simpler navigation and content discovery across devices.

You’re also able to use video insights to optimize the viewing experience for different users and subscribers, offering different UX options based on user preferences, special events, or demographics (e.g. night modes for evening viewers, team fan mode during Olympics season, a simplified kids mode for children, etc.).

Target sales and marketing campaigns to promote or upsell services based on customer behavior.

With video insights offering you tailored customer preference profiles, you’d be able to target customers with personalized packages and add-ons that they’re more likely to buy.

For example, you could upsell a Pay-Per-View (PPV) for fans of a specific sports team in instances where the event is not freely available with their current package or in their specific location. Or, you could recommend an upgraded, voice-enabled device for customers who rely heavily on keyword search.

Identify new avenues for revenue based on audience profiles and viewing habits.

Using video insights, you’ll be capable of creating uniquely tailored content packages and offers that you know your customers will love, matching their lifestyle and needs.

That could look like special offers for university students that take into account their schedules and preferences, or seasonal VOD promotions for specific households (such as holiday-themed movie packages).

Deliver more valuable targeted ads to audience segments, improving viewer recall 

Video insights enable you to profile your audience based on their actual preferences, viewing habits, location and content choices. That means you can ensure that ads play in front of the right eyes, at the right time.

By doing so, you’d be able to improve engagement, reduce channel hopping during ad breaks, and increase the value proposition for your advertising partners.

Make your service stand out among the crowd

Customer behavior and preferences are constantly evolving, while competition for audience attention is always growing. Video providers can’t afford to stand still and rely on “me-too” video experiences.

Video insights help video providers like you to move swiftly from understanding to action, enabling you to evaluate and adjust business strategies based on real data.

Introducing Synamedia Clarissa

Synamedia Clarrissa, our newly launched video insights solution, empowers you to deliver the right content, at the right time, in the right way – enabling you to bring your customers joy, increase engagement, and reduce subscriber churn.

It’s time to activate compelling, insight-driven, and personalized experiences in your service. Synamedia Clarissa gives you the boost you need to get there.

Find out more about Synamedia Clarissa:


About the Author


Amruta joined Synamedia in April 2020 to lead the company’s data and analytics initiatives, bringing data-driven insights to customers.


Amruta has 15 years’ experience in delivering video solutions,most recently as head of data and analytics at YouView. Prior to this she was product manager at Voxbone where she was responsible for all customer-facing solutions and APIs.


Amruta started her career as a software developer at NDS and then spent five years at Cisco where she worked for the office of the Chief Strategy Officer defining the next-generation video strategy. At that time, Amruta was responsible for its big data and analytics offering. Then, as business lead for Cisco’s API task force for its video business unit, she handled all aspects of API offerings – from building a nascent developer community with content-centric app developers to working with the technical teams to deploy a robust TV API platform.


Amruta holds an MBA from London Business School.

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