What Happens in Vegas…Stays on our…

What Happens in Vegas…Stays on our Blog!

As we entered this new decade, many of our experts jumped on planes, trains and in automobiles to attend CES 2020 in Las Vegas.  With CES being the largest consumer electronics show in the world, there’s no better place to showcase how our Infinite entertainment solutions and services can help our customers deliver, secure and monetize video experiences. Conversations around major show trends such as ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV, streaming video piracy, video platforms and more all made their way into our Wynn exhibit space.

One of the hottest topics in our booth was finding new ways to protect and monetize video content.  With new streaming services continuing to make their way onto the market, the likelihood of piracy in the form of both casual password sharing and fraudulent, for-profit credentials selling will continue to increase. In fact, our own analysis has shown that today, 10-30% of users share their passwords. If we combine that with fraudulent, for-profit sharing, we’re looking at a $7-$9B problem for the industry.

Up to today, many video service providers have been focused on gaining new subscribers. But when that growth starts to flatten and we start to look at balance sheets, we’re going to expect to see revenue.  And if we don’t – it’s likely due to a lack of security around password sharing and piracy.  It just simply cannot be ignored.

Additionally, ATSC 3.0 and its consumer brand NextGen TV made its way into the headlines at CES.  The benefits for consumers were discussed and debated frequently, and we saw the top three TV manufacturers introducing 20 new models under the NextGen TV logo.  Along with our partner, Triveni Digital, we met with many broadcasters and operators to highlight how our combined, end-to-end ATSC 3.0 offering can help them deliver more immersive experiences, with higher quality video and also personalized services such as targeted advertising.

Further, we talked a lot about the need for scalable, secure platforms to deliver video services either over-the-top or via traditional broadcast. Many service providers are seeking a platform that offers cloud DVR, advanced content aggregation, intuitive search and recommendations – all in an effort to deliver a highly personalized user experience proven to drive viewer engagement.

Ultimately what we learned at CES was a reminder of what we already know: we understand the challenges our customers face in today’s rapidly changing, competitive market.  We are dedicated to helping them complement and expand consumer choice and convenience, to protect their income and to generate new revenue streams. So there are no secrets from our time in Las Vegas – you’ll be hearing more of our outcomes soon!