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Demystifying Addressable TV Advertising – Episode 6: Incorporating CTV into…

  • June 6, 2024
  • 15:00:00 BST

Demystifying Addressable TV Advertising – Episode 6: Incorporating CTV into your Addressable Advertising solution

The Demystifying… webinar series keeps moving forward as we tackle the topic of Connected TV (CTV) advertising with special guests representing both the publishing and agency sides of the business. 

CTV advertising as a category has evolved quickly over the last few years, as more content, inventory, viewers, and buyers have migrated to streaming channels.  We will break it all down for you so you can understand how CTV plays a critical role in addressable advertising. 

In this webinar, topics will include: 

  • A clarification of CTV as an industry term that encompasses more than just connected TVs. 
  • A description of the benefits that CTV brings to the advertising ecosystem. 
  • A discussion on the challenges and opportunities presented by CTV as well as the approaches the industry is taking to address them. 

Register today to continue getting insights on addressable advertising. In just 30 minutes, you can hear from a variety of experts who will share their valuable experience! 

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Richard Brant, Advanced TV director UK and international, Vevo

Multi-discipline background in advertising from buy side to sell side across TV, video and digital departments. Enthusiastic, hardworking and innovative, engaging in all work conscientiously. Ambitious, organised and always looking to learn and develop new skills. Customer focused, taking a consultative style to maintain and build long lasting relationships with agencies and direct clients alike. Currently specialising in cross platform, data driven TV to programmatic digital campaigns, both video and display.


Chris Keenan, Managing Partner, Global Solution Design & Development, GroupM

Chris is Global Chief Product & Commercial Officer of Finecast. Chris leads global development of addressable TV advertising product solutions, oversees partnerships with key broadcasters, data providers and technology platforms, and the execution of the overarching market expansion strategy globally; ensuring launch markets are set up successfully and in line with the strategic direction of Finecast.


Michael Smith, Sales Director Advanced Advertising, Synamedia

With 20 years of rich experience spanning both large corporations and startups, Michael has mastered the art of effective communication, seamlessly engaging with colleagues and clients across all echelons. His adeptness in managing Profit and Loss, driving sales, fostering business development, and orchestrating various operational facets including ad and publisher operations underscores his multifaceted skill set. Specializing in Digital Advertising, Michael’s expertise shines in areas like Connected TV/Over-The-Top (CTV/OTT), Advertising Technology, Programmatic Advertising, Video Marketing, Data Analytics, Rich Media solutions, and crafting large-scale integrated Brand Campaigns.

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