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Dramatically enhance your capabilities, without ripping and replacing your existing architecture. Introducing Synamedia Go.

Build the architecture you need with our suite of modular, ‘add and go’ SaaS services.

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Synamedia Go is a new way to build a modular, flexible and extensible cloud-based video architecture.

  • Start by augmenting your existing platform with any one of our Synamedia Go services.
  • Build on this functionality with new ‘add and go’ services that complement and enhance your emerging stack.
  • Where you stop is up to you. It all depends on what you need from your architecture.

Why Synamedia Go?

  • Build agility at the heart of your business so you can move at the speed of your industry.
  • Deliver elevated and ever-evolving viewer experiences that get better all the time.
  • It’s friction free – incorporate new apps, features and content in a snap and optimize on the fly.

This is a new way to win the war for customer loyalty while enhancing the lifetime value of each of your users. And it’s smart, non-disruptive, cost-effective and perfect for rapid deployment.

Our Synamedia Go services

  • Synamedia Go.Aggregate
    Make life easier for subscribers

    You need to keep adding new sources of content to your service but you don’t want to overwhelm subscribers or add complexity to their experience.

    Synamedia Go.Aggregate helps you strike a balance. Unify content from every provider in your ecosystem—OTT and broadcast—to present a curated, intuitive and searchable menu of options.

    • Enrich the user experience with curated playlists
    • Allow users to search all of the content you offer without leaving your platform
    • Create a consistent user experience across your homepage, menus and search results

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  • Synamedia Go.Experiment
    Test and optimize your user experience

    The definition of a great user experience is always shifting as services evolve and behaviour and expectations change.

    Synamedia Go.Experiment gives you the tools you need to intelligently test and optimize key elements of your service.

    • Understand your customers and their relationship with your platform through analytics powered by our unique business insights solution—Clarissa
    • Define and target segments of your subscriber base
    • Create and manage experiments and test customer engagements
    • Identify positive improvements and execute changes immediately

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This is just the start

We’ll be adding more services as and when they become available. Watch this space.

The tech behind the tech

Our Cloud TV Application Platform (CTAP) is the technology that brings everything together. It connects your back end systems to your clients and our Go services, allowing you to integrate third-party solutions into your video streaming architecture.

How does it work?

  • CTAP offers multiple APIs that enable a single access point to the variety of tools that can enhance your video service.

  • The modular nature of CTAP allows you to “plug” tools into your architecture without extensive development efforts or impact to your client experience.

  • This simplifies and accelerates integration so you can improve your service quickly.

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