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Deliver an Advanced Streaming Experience at Scale

Synamedia Go delivers an intelligent, advanced viewing experience. Built as a modular and flexible SaaS video platform, we provide streaming video operators with the ultimate control in how they launch, manage, and evolve their streaming service.

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Synamedia Go is a new way to build a modular, flexible, and extensible cloud-based video architecture.

  • Leverage a modular platform providing the perfect blend of capability and speed
  • Enhance your service with Synamedia Go add-on packs as your business needs evolve
  • Reap the flexibility to choose what capability you want and when you want it
  • Benefit from a pay as you grow business model to better manage your profitability
  • Select from an array of pre-integrated Synamedia OTT products, or bring your preferred partner to the platform

Quickly launch and enhance with Synamedia Go add-on packs.

Synamedia Go offers you rapid time to market with Go.Foundation, delivering all the necessary capabilities you need to launch, manage, and monetize your service.

To create your tailored package to meet your needs and align with your business goals, you have the flexibility to choose from an array of additional Synamedia Go add-on packs, other pre-integrated Synamedia OTT products, or integrate with your own preferred partners.

Access advanced business insights. Monetize with targeted advertising. Tackle video piracy.

Synamedia Go provides you with a rapid path to accessing Synamedia’s advanced OTT portfolio:

  • Launch channels faster with our portable Workflows-as-a-Service​
  • Keep your subscribers engaged with advanced data and business insights
  • Improve monetization of your ad inventory with targeted advertising
  • Reduce revenue loss with advanced streaming security

Synamedia Partner Network

Synamedia Go is pre-integrated with a range of providers from the Synamedia Partner Network. Synamedia Go gives you the freedom to choose your UX partner, giving you full control over the subscriber user experience. Additional partners have been pre-integrated to augment back end functionality, meaning a flexible offer with fast TTM.

Why Synamedia Go?

  • Tailor your go-to-market offering meeting business, market, and technology needs
  • Only launch the capabilities you want and need for your market or business needs​
  • Benefit from a simplified commercial model that is simple and scales as your business grows
  • Support any business model with flexible access models including Subscription, Ad Supported, TVOD, Purchase or Pay-per-view
  • Pre-integrated with Synamedia’s video portfolio for added capabilities including cloud workflows, advanced data and business insights, targeted advertising and Security intelligence and anti-piracy solutions
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Deliver an Advanced Streaming Experience at Scale

Synamedia Go provides video streaming services with a flexible and modular way to launch, manage, and evolve their streaming service.