Synamedia to highlight the future of sports video streaming and…

Synamedia to highlight the future of sports video streaming and distribution at IBC

LONDON – 12 September 2023 – Leading video software provider Synamedia today announced that it will share its vision of the future of sports streaming at IBC 2023 with a preview of several innovations from its R&D labs designed to meet Video Network’s target customers’ needs: B2B distribution SaaS solutions, D2C streaming SaaS solutions, and IP network optimisation products. These early technologies will include compression, CDN switching, in-stadium experiences and a new way of distributing sports content.

According to Marc Baillavoine, recently appointed as CTO of Video Network at Synamedia, “With many patented and unique technologies, our video network portfolio meets the needs of every type of video service provider from niche streamers through to tier-1 operators with specific scaling and operational needs. Working with these customers we know how sports streaming pushes technology to its limits. Anticipating future demands for flexibility, scalability, and quality of experience – yet with an eye on cost control – we are continuing to innovate. Just like concept cars in the auto industry, we now want to share our vision to get content owners and operators’ feedback and to collaborate on real world applications.”

Synamedia believes it will have the industry’s first demonstration of Versatile Video Coding (VVC) running in the cloud on the latest Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances. It will highlight the benefits of using AI for compression, including customisation by sport to optimise the results depending on the sports. For example, it features a lightweight, real-time AI model that ensures every image is properly rendered, including the grass on the field. It will also show how it can support compression in 8K.

Continuing its efforts towards a more sustainable streaming, another demonstration will show how Synamedia is optimising energy efficiency with a multi-CDN approach that simultaneously improves QoE by negotiating between the CDN tenants for more optimal usage of physical resources. Synamedia will also highlight a breakthrough solution that combines ultra-low latency, with sub-second glass-to-glass latency alongside content delivery at scale, combining the latest standards.

Building on an earlier demonstration at NAB 2023, Synamedia will show enhancements to its immersive in-stadium experience with partner NativeWaves. This application brings viewers closer to the action when watching their favourite teams and athletes at home, on-the-go or from their stadium seat. It includes Synamedia’s end-to-end ultra-low latency to allow fans to instantly re-watch the action – such as scores, overtakes, injuries – from different camera angles using companion devices at home or 5G devices while in the stadium or on the move.

Synamedia will also provide a sneak peek at its latest innovation in global content distribution that will reduce content acquisition and distribution costs. This new business model uses SaaS gateways that will allow customers to be operational in minutes with auto registration and signal availability. This means sports content owners will be able to quickly start delivering content when and where they need it using cloud connectivity and CDNs. It will also make it easy for them to try out new business models in different regions and extend their reach.

Synamedia demos will be at IBC 2023 in hall 1 balcony suite 21.


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