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Allente breaks new ground with Synamedia’s SaaS security solutions for…

Allente breaks new ground with Synamedia’s SaaS security solutions for OTT

 LONDON – April 26, 2022Synamedia, the world’s largest independent video software provider, today announced that Allente, the leading pay-TV provider in the Nordics, is deploying Synamedia’s latest SaaS solutions to protect all streamed TV and video content. Synamedia OTT ServiceGuard and multi-DRM solutions will allow Allente to securely stream content across any open platform and to all devices, including phones, tablets, and smart TVs, used by its more than one million subscribers.

By tackling piracy head on, Allente is safeguarding its content investments and creating the opportunity to convert illegal viewers into legitimate subscribers.

As premium content shifts from traditional pay-TV to OTT, video service providers face increasing pressure from Hollywood Studios and sports rights holders to combat piracy. OTT ServiceGuard systemically addresses the inherent weaknesses that make it easy for pirates to not only steal content but also steal entire OTT services, often using the service provider’s content delivery network (CDN) to distribute content to end users. Synamedia’s OTT ServiceGuard is the first solution to address the vulnerabilities inherent in OTT services and the first to extend protection to the CDN, providing a holistic approach to anti-piracy.

Jon Espen Nergård, Allente CTO, said, “We approached Synamedia with the goal of sourcing a multi-DRM solution. Then, in dialogue with Synamedia’s security specialists, we realized that mDRM alone could not counteract all the vulnerabilities that pirates take advantage of. With Synamedia’s SaaS-model we discovered that we could also easily integrate and deploy its OTT ServiceGuard as an additional layer of security, giving us the confidence that we are fully protecting both the content and the service. Throughout this engagement and stringent selection process, we have been impressed by Synamedia’s security expertise and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership as we aim to combat piracy with the full capabilities that Synamedia brings to the fore.”

Yael Fainaro, EVP of Security at Synamedia said, “With little to no acquisition or content costs, pirates have become ultimate media super-aggregators. This is because current anti-piracy approaches – including app shielding and concurrency restrictions – simply scratch at the surface of streaming piracy. OTT ServiceGuard stops this threat in its tracks by using a holistic approach to protecting the OTT service delivery architecture from pirate hacks and profiteering.”

Fainaro added, “We have provided security for Viasat, now Allente, for many years, and we now look forward to deepening this relationship as we demonstrate the value of our expertise to support Allente as it transitions to IP.”

Synamedia OTT ServiceGuard is available as a service and is quick to deploy by integrating a simple software library to existing infrastructure. It supports any multi-DRM solution, including Synamedia’s own mDRM.

With 30 years’ experience in video security, Synamedia developed the longest unhacked solution on the market while its operational security team has brought many criminals to the attention of law enforcement officials. Other Synamedia security solutions include: CSFEye for credentials sharing and fraud insight, which addresses the risk of content and service theft through credential misuse; VideoGuard conditional access to protect broadcast video services; and Streaming Piracy Disruption (SPD) to disrupt pirate services.

About Allente

Owned 50/50 by Telenor Group and NENT and established in May 2020 by a merger between Canal Digital and Viasat Consumer, the Nordic TV operator provides TV and broadband services to over a million customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

About Synamedia

We’re trusted by over 200 video service providers to deliver, protect and monetize video content in an increasingly IP world. Synamedia’s flexible incremental architecture provides a rapid, friction-free way to add, build and deploy cloud-based video services. Our award-winning portfolio also includes intelligence-led anti-piracy, advanced advertising, business analytics, broadband, and video network solutions and services. Synamedia’s technology is in 320 million active devices and protects $70 billion in revenue annually. Synamedia is backed by the Permira funds and Sky.

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About Synamedia

We’re trusted by service providers and content owners to deliver, enrich, and protect video. The flexibility and agility of our cloud and SaaS products enable customers of all types and sizes to launch, monetise, and scale services at speed. Our award-winning portfolio includes advanced advertising, business analytics, broadband and streaming video platforms, intelligence-led anti-piracy, and video network cloud and software solutions. Synamedia is backed by the Permira funds and Sky.

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