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Current social distancing is preventing us from creating close, personal relationships via our traditional channels. With trade shows being cancelled,  face-to-face networking opportunities are limited. We’re all looking for new and different ways to collaborate, connect and share. This digital showcase is the Synamedia way. We hope you enjoy it!

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We love designing stands and we have great partners who help us. So just because we do not have a venue, why not having a new stand? Take a walk through, catch up on our updates and talk to us for more.

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More for you…

  • A Guide to Addressing Streaming Video Credentials Sharing the Smart Way

    Learn about the impact of account credentials sharing and fraud on your streaming video business and how, with the right response, you can turn this challenge into an opportunity.

    Download white paper

  • Holistic Security Threats and Solutions for OTT Providers

    Understand the security threats facing each kind of OTT video provider today and the specific measures you should take to overcome them..

    Download white paper

  • ATSC 3.0 Next-Generation TV for Programmers and TV Networks

    Learn about the new standards of next-gen Broadcast TV and how to seamlessly migrate to ATSC 3.0 without disrupting your existing service.

    Download white paper

  • Why next-generation video experiences start with your video network

    The rapidly escalating quality and availability of video content across consumer devices is pushing traditional video network infrastructure to the limit. How should you evolve your video network to accommodate this new normal? This guide explains how.

    Download our guide

  • A guide to unlocking the infinite opportunities of IP video with a cloud platform

    Successful video businesses of all sizes are using the cloud to transform every part of the video experience. Discover how you too can leverage the cloud holistically, and the advantages that materialize, particularly when you use a central, cloud-native video transformation platform.

    Download our guide

How to build the new Pay TV Bundle

This webinar is about how you build the new Pay TV bundle and the new Pay TV business today, ready for a fast-changing consumer landscape and the unknown challenges and opportunities that will emerge in a post-Covid world.


IP video migration

Join our discussion with our partner Google Cloud on identifying market drivers and technology solutions to best support IP Migration


Radio ITVT: Synamedia and Triveni Digital on their ATSC 3.0 Partnership

In this recorded interview with ITVT Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, Sabine Bravo, VP of Business Development at Synamedia, and Triveni Digital President and CEO, Mark Simpson, discuss the companies’ integrated offering and share their insights on the transition to ATSC 3.0 and other industry developments.


SVG SportsTech On Demand: The Imminent Impact of ATSC 3.0 on Live Sports Consumption

Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG’s editorial director, and Synamedia’s Mark Myslinski discuss how NextGen TV (ATSC 3.0) will be a gamechanger for the sports experience by offering stand-out video quality, immersive audio, and uncontested broadband broadcast; and by enabling new applications such as sports betting and multi-camera viewing.