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Virtual Event Presented by Piracy Monitor and nScreenMedia

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Our Janice Pearson and Nitsan Baider join a session ‘The OTT Vulnerabilities’ at Piracy Monitor’s 2021 Video Security Summit.

Sophisticated organised criminal pirates are stealing billions of dollars of content straight from the legal owners’ CDNs. That’s right they just steal your OTT service and all your content straight out of your CDN. DRM has notorious weaknesses and it just does not protect OTT services from hacking. In this session, Janice Pearson and Nitsan Baider from Synamedia will demonstrate how pirates hack OTT services, where the DRM and Token system fail and how to secure your content and thwart the hackers.

Nitsan Baider, Director, Product Management, Synamedia
Janice Pearson, Director of Business Development, Synamedia


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