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TVOT LIVE! Leadership Congress 2020

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Taking place September 9th and 10th, the TVOT Leadership Congress will bring together industry leaders to celebrate the achievements of their peers and share and debate their visions for the future of the television industry as our society and economy re-emerge from the current crisis.

Our Broadcast Solutions Manager, Mark Myslinski will be speaking on a panel “ATSC 3.0: New Opportunities” on Wednesday, Sept 9th at 3:35-4:20PM Eastern (12:35-1:20PM Pacific).

This session will build on the lessons learned from the rollout of ATSC 3.0 to date, in order to explore the long-term roadmap for the new standard, and identify the new user experiences and the new forms of monetization that it will enable. Among other things, panelists will explain which sectors of the TV, video and advertising industries will be most impacted by the new standard, and outline some of the new business opportunities the standard will make possible for other sectors of the TV/video/advertising business.


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