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Connected TV Summit 2022

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Our Senior Director, Sports Rights Anti-Piracy, Simon Brydon  will be speaking in a panel on “Growing the market, and increasing the enjoyment, for TV sport” on Tuesday, 24 May 2022 at 4:50 PM BST

This panel explores the future of sports television and how rights holders and distributors can engage fans more deeply and grow markets.

Discussions include:

    • How to maximise reach and monetisation – and the balance of pay/free, broadcast/streaming, exclusive/shared and local/global that will help in this quest
    • The role of direct-to-consumer for sports federations, and how they balance D2C with distribution partners
    • How we super-serve the super-fans, and create a better sports UX for everyone – and whether streaming is the natural home for such innovations
    • The impact of piracy, progress in clamping down on it, and solutions to prevent illegal redistribution of content
    • Factors preventing a higher number of exclusive rights wins for streaming-only distribution.


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