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Our Product Manager Video Security, Orly Amsalem and Senior Director, Sports Rights Anti-Piracy, Simon Brydon will be speaking in a session “Stealing the Stream: Mapping and Addressing Streaming Piracy Threats” on Tuesday, June 29 at 4:05 BST

OTT streaming pirates are stealing billions in revenue from OTT service providers by exploiting vulnerabilities at every link of the video distribution chain. Not satisfied with just stealing premium content, pirates will offer stolen credentials, steal an entire OTT service, as well as host rival services to lure away legitimate subscribers. In this session, we’ll examine how streaming pirates operate in the ever evolving and sophisticated ecosystem, at every stage of the video distribution chain. We’ll discuss how pirates infiltrate a service, and how fighting piracy requires a painstaking, forensic, intelligence-led approach and cutting-edge cyber solutions that work in synergy to disrupt and demotivate pirates at every point.


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