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High-Efficiency Compression

Bring incredible experiences to any screen, from the largest TVs to mobile phones, with our high-efficiency VIVID compression solution.

Key benefits


Incredible experiences

Leverage AI-optimized compression algorithms to deliver exceptional audio and video quality on any screen using the least number of bits.

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Cost Efficient

Maintains outstanding CPU efficiency to maximise density and minimise your infrastructure costs on-premises or in cloud.

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Continuous quality monitoring

Automated quality monitoring, measurement and analysis allows you to focus on value-added tasks.


Virtual DCM Encoder

A software-based encoding/transcoding solution, based on Synamedia’s in-house patented compression engines, providing exceptional picture quality at all bitrates and enabling broadcasters and service providers to deliver an outstanding viewing experience at minimum bandwidth.

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Find the right video compression vendor

Do you want to deliver high-quality video at scale, while maintaining a high-quality user experience? This guide will help you chose the right video compression vendor for your business.

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