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Connecting Fans

Monetize every fan engagement with captivating personalized live sports viewing experiences

Key benefits


Distribute Sports
without Effort

Reach affiliates globally launching new sport channels delivering the highest video quality over IP networks in a matter of hours or even minutes with Quortex PowerVu and Quortex Link.

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Stream Captivating Live Sports

Stream premium live sports content to millions of subscribers with monetizable engaging immersive lowest-latency experiences in 4K with Quortex Play.

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Deliver Sports Dynamically upon Demand

Gain control over your CDN infrastructure to maximizing resources efficiency with intelligent and dynamic Synamedia Fluid EdgeCDN.

Elevate fan engagement

See how we partner with NHRA and NativeWaves to create an immersive In-Stadium experience at the NHRA race in Dallas, Texas.

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Discover what our sports distribution, streaming and delivery solutions can do for your business.

Sports Distribution for Broadcasters

Efficiently Distribute Sports Over IP

Push the boundaries of regional sports delivery with Quortex PowerVu supporting HEVC and ultra-HD delivery, seamlessly expand your sports network with single-stream and multi-stream configurations while transition to full IP CDN delivery.

Learn how we helped Monumental Sports to launch a new sports network

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Reach Affiliates and MVPDs Frictionless

Award-winning cloud-based Quortex Link one-click video distribution solution enables Broadcasters and sports Content Owners to cost-effectively distribute live sports channels upon demand, globally and in a matter of minutes. Bring live sports content to your partners securely and reliably point-to-point or point-to-multi-point, from and to all around the world with low latency

Monetize you Regional Sports Channel

Monetize sports content distribution with smart regionalization of advertising, while reducing costs with instant on scheduled distribution as demand for sports content fluctuates. Extend control and visibility of video performance with centralized control and monitoring of the entire distribution path all the way to the endpoint.  

Sports Streaming for Content Owners

Dynamically Stream D2C Sports At Scale

Live sports are intrinsically high peak demand for a short period. With Synamedia’s SaaS-based D2C streaming Quortex Play solution content owners and OTT service providers take full control of the streaming workflow scaling resources dynamically following demand just-in-time from thousands to millions viewer, maximizing resources utilization without detriment of users quality-of-experience (QoE) 

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Be In Full Control Of Your Game

Take full control of the sports streaming event with Quortex’s cockpit-like dashboards aggregating real-time crucial service status updates including ingest, processing and delivery metrics. Leveraging common media client data (CMCD) and content steering techniques Quortex Play together with Fluid EdgeCDN take full control of your sports content streaming and delivery ensuring the best quality of experience with best delivery infrastructure efficiency.

Immersive Personalized User Experiences

Exquisite sports video image quality, user interactivity, advertisement personalization at home, on the go, or at the sports venue… no problem!…  We leverage years of leadership on video encoding adopting the latest video codecs to deliver pin-sharp images at the lowest cost per byte delivered possible with our world-class video compression technology. Synamedia’s Quortex Play and Iris together let Content Owners personalized the sports experience with monetizable personalized advertising on valuable live sports streaming delivered with low and low latency. 

Sports Delivery for OTT Streamers and ISPs


Live Sports Streaming To Millions In Seconds

As millions of fans flock to their favourite sports streaming service in just a matter of minutes to watch their team perform in real-time, CDN networks must adapt quickly. Fluid EdgeCDN brings AI-based traffic prediction mechanisms combined with smart multi-CDN balancing and peak off-loading to eliminate buffering and keep video ABR as high as possible. Maintain the best QoS independently of traffic load, always!


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Not All Sports Watching Must be Live

Watching live sports is exhilarating and engaging, but for fans with busy lifestyles, it is extremely important to relive their favourite sports at their own convenience. Synamedia’s vDCM Recorder and Quortex Play cDVR solutions enable ISPs to offer fans the option to record and replay their favourite sports at will. Synamedia’s smart hybrid on-prem/cloud cDVR storage solution reduces cloud OPEX utilization by 95%, making it more appealing than ever to ISPs to offer value-added cDVR and TSTV services to all fans.


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Immersive Experiences at the Game and on the Go

Fans now can experience the thrill of being at the stadium yet enjoy the perks of digital video streaming, including replays, statistics, multiple camera angles, and real-time game information. Leveraging advanced ultra-low latency compression and streaming technology, Synamedia’s In-Stadium Solution enable ISPs and Content Providers to monetize near-real-time live sports video streaming experiences delivering to fans in the stadium or on-the-go. 

Create Immersive Experiences at the Game and on the Go

Deliver stadium excitement directly to your audience! Our In-Stadium Experience solution fuses live thrills with digital perks—replays, stats, and more—tailored for their personal devices.

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Timing is everything. And nothing’s more critical than ensuring the smooth optimal performance of your video delivery operations. Our dedicated video distribution support teams are with you right from the start, ready to walk with you every step of the way, resolving your requests with the utmost urgency. When it comes to support, our goal is to ensure nothing holds you back.

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